Scrambler EFI Custom: Nick Bondarev - British Customs
Wrenchers Digest

Nick Bondarev: Triumph Scrambler 900

A lot of people tend to focus on the end product when customizing their bikes - wanting their mods to result in a concrete and final build, often resembling some image they may have seen before. B...

Who is DNK Tuneworks? - British Customs

Who is DNK Tuneworks?

We recently released a Tuning Guide to offer a starting point to learn what you need to know about tuning your bike, especially if you’re installing British Customs parts.  While developing the Tu...

Price increase for April | 10% off until April 1st (EXTENDED) - British Customs

Price increase for April | 10% off until April 1st (EXTENDED)

Rising costs have forced us to look at our pricing so that we can continue to do what we love and provide the newest and latest in innovative parts for Triumph motorcycles. Starting April 1, 2022, ...

Triumph Tuning Guide - British Customs

Triumph Tuning Guide

As you make adjustments and modifications to your Triumph, there are certain modifications that will change your bike significantly enough to need a tune in order to get the most out of it.  We’ve ...

Wrenchers DigestBonneville EFI Custom: Tribute Dirt Bike - BC Blog

Bonneville EFI Custom: Tribute Dirt Bike

  Base Model: EFI Triumph Bonneville T100 The original idea for the first “Tribute” build was to create a replica of legendary Eddie Mulder’s Pikes Peak Bike on a modern fuel injected Triump...

The New Heritage Pt. III - British Customs

The New Heritage Pt. III

The Map and The Territory To know where you’re going, you have to know where you’ve been. Out of the box, any Triumph Modern Classic is a beautiful machine. The paint is pristine, the metal gleam...

I’m Just Doing What I Want To Do: Introducing Chippa Wilson As BC Weekend Projects Ambassador - British Customs

I’m Just Doing What I Want To Do: Introducing Chippa Wilson As BC Weekend Projects Ambassador

You’ve probably seen pictures or videos of him shredding waves and doing things on a surfboard you thought could only be done in a pro skater’s wildest fantasies. You’ve probably even seen him on...

Wrenchers DigestBonneville Carb Custom: John Hebert - BC Blog

Bonneville Carb Custom: John Hebert

Our friend, John Hebert's 2005 carbureted Triumph Bonneville T100, with over a hundred thousand miles (speedo dead at 90k+) logged, ridden across the country, raced in the desert, this bike has see...

Wrenchers DigestBonneville EFI Custom: Tribute Tracker - British Customs

Bonneville EFI Custom: Tribute Tracker

The Triumph Bonneville EFI, transformed into a Street Tracker also set up and ready for Flat Track racing

Classic Scrambler | Triumph Scrambler 900

The Scrambler Custom: Dirt Bike V3 build came a long way, starting off as an EFI Triumph Scrambler being called the "Dirt Bike" along with a second iteration, we've kept things simple yet, added a...

Seek More SeriesBC Thruxton Desert Sled - Fall 2019 - British Customs

BC Thruxton Desert Sled - Fall 2019

From a previous campout adventure in Julian, California with some friends back in Fall 2019, we took out a few builds to rip around, take photos but most importantly test new components to finalize...

Wrenchers DigestThruxton EFI Custom: Desert Sled - British Customs

Desert Sled: Triumph Thruxton 900 Build

Started from our previous Thruxton 900 EFI build, Cafe Racer Deux, we've started by switching the controls to Bonneville foot controls then the wheels to Scrambler 19/17" wheels then the rest of t...

Wrenchers DigestBlack & Chrome Bonneville Liquid Cooled T100 Custom

Bonneville Liquid Cooled T100 Custom: Black & Chrome

On this Triumph Bonneville T100 build, we attempted to offer a contrast of black, chrome, and brown to offer a vintage custom look that suits the lines of the bike.

Buyers GuidesSlash Cut Performance Tips for Bonneville T100 & T120 - British Customs

Slash Cut Performance Tips for Bonneville T100 & T120

We are pleased to announce the Slash Cut Performance Tips available exclusively for Bonneville T100 and Bonneville T120 models.   Shown on 2020 Triumph Bonneville T100 Shown on 2020 Triu...

Wrenchers DigestScrambler 1200 - 2022 Design Update - British Customs

Scrambler 1200 - 2022 Design Update

Scrambler 1200 2022 Header Design Update   We currently have the 2022 Triumph Scrambler 1200 in our R&D center and have noticed that the 2022 Scrambler header and exhaust have bee...

Wrenchers DigestStreet Twin Desert Tan - British Customs

Street Twin Desert Tan

  Base Model: 2016 Triumph Street Twin Our 2016 shop Street Twin has seen a lot throughout the years from being an ADV bike to Scrambler to a Desert Sled & more (see iterations here), we took...

Wrenchers DigestBonneville Bobber Clip Ons - British Customs

Bonneville Bobber Clip Ons

Base Model: 2019 Triumph Bonneville Bobber This bike began as a Bonneville Bobber model we acquired in 2019 & upon going through different build iterations, we decided to go for a cafe style c...

Wrenchers DigestBonneville Bobber Green Light Custom - British Customs

Bonneville Bobber Green Light Custom

The Triumph Bonneville Bobber is a great looking bike. Triumph did an excellent job on the styling. For this build we kept things very simple. A few tasteful upgrades to enhance the ingrained cooln...

Wrenchers DigestBonneville EFI Custom: Chippa Wilson's Beach Sled Version 1 - British Customs

Bonneville EFI Custom: Chippa Wilson's Beach Sled Version 1

The "Beach Sled" was a collaboration between British Custom and Australian Pro Surfer Chippa Wilson. The bike features some unique customizations as well as a selection of bolt on parts from our Ai...

Wrenchers DigestStreet Twin Scrambler V1 - British Customs

Street Twin Scrambler V1

Base Model: 2016 Triumph Street Twin The Triumph Street Twin is a highly capable bike. We got one of the first Street Twin off the line in 2016 then started the evolutionary process based off of ...

Bonneville MAG/SE Custom: Goldie - British Customs

Goldie | Triumph Bonnneville SE

Base Model: 2010 Triumph Bonneville SE The Bonneville SE, commonly known as "Bonneville Mag Wheel" or "Bonneville Mag" is an excellent handling and performing bike. With some performance upgrades...

Wrenchers DigestStreet Twin ADV Build - British Customs

Street Twin ADV Build

The Triumph Street Twin is a highly capable bike. For this build we sought to equip the 900cc model for a longer ride. Ergonomics and luggage were top priorities, as well as prepping the bike for ...

Wrenchers DigestStreet Twin Custom: Desert Sled - British Customs

Street Twin Custom: Desert Sled

This heavily modified Street Twin might fool you at first. This bike was an experiment in cross fitment. The bike features a Bonneville T120 gas tank and Bonneville T100 spoked wheel set. The frank...

Wrenchers DigestStreet Twin Custom: Joe Kopp Super Hooligan - BC Blog

Street Twin Custom: Joe Kopp Super Hooligan

Joe Kopp's Super Hooligan bike started out as a 2016 Triumph Street Twin. Sitting on 19 inch wheels front and back, this ride has the stance of a thoroughbred race machine. Featured on the bike are...


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