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Why Choose Our Triumph Bar End Mirror Kit?

Transform your Triumph with our premium Mirror Kits, designed for your Triumph Motorcycle. Your bike reflects your personality, and our kits offer the perfect blend of style and functionality. they take the guesswork out of selecting the right parts. Elevate your Triumph Motorcycle with our Mirror Kits – because we understand your bike is an extension of you.

Our designs focus on making customization effortless, ensuring you enjoy more moments riding in style and fewer tinkering in the garage

Upgrade your Triumph with Ease

Mirror Kits for Threaded Handlebars

Struggling to find the right parts for upgrading your Triumph's mirrors? Most aftermarket bar end mirror adapters aren't compatible with the factory-fitted threaded handlebars on your Triumph, making the process frustrating and complex.

Our specially designed Mirror Kits for Threaded Handlebars are tailored for your Triumph Motorcycle. We've included all the necessary adapters and components, ensuring a hassle-free installation using common tools. Make your Triumph stand out with our easy-to-install bar end mirror kits.

How to Install Motogadget Mo.View Spy Mirrors

Easy-to-Install Bar End Mirrors

Mirror Kits for Hollow Handlebars

Are you facing challenges in upgrading your motorcycle's mirrors due to a switch to 1-inch or ⅞-inch non-threaded hollow handlebars? Finding the right parts for this specific setup can often be confusing and time-consuming.

We've streamlined your upgrade process. Our custom-designed Mirror Kits are specifically made for 1-inch and ⅞-inch non-threaded hollow handlebars, ensuring a perfect fit and easy installation using common tools. These kits include all the necessary adapters and components, eliminating the guesswork and hassle.

How to Install Hollow Bar End Mirror Adapters

Discover the Pure Motogadget Experience

Motogadget Mirror Kits

If you're considering a mirror upgrade and looking for an alternative to our British Customs Branded Mirror Kits, the Motogadget Branded Mirror Kits offer a pure and authentic Motogadget experience. Designed for enthusiasts who appreciate the unique style and quality of Motogadget, these kits have been tested and verified to fit your specific motorcycle.

While our British Customs Kits are a popular choice, the Motogadget Branded Mirror Kits stand out for those who prefer the distinct elegance and functionality that only Motogadget can offer. These kits are crafted to ensure a perfect fit.

Choose our Motogadget Branded Mirror Kits for an unparalleled Motogadget experience, and bring a touch of refined innovation to your ride.

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CRG Mirror Kits for Every Bike

CRG Bar End Mirror Kits

Are you in search of an alternative to British Customs Branded Hollow Bar End Mirror Kits? Wondering which CRG Bar End Mirror Adapters and parts are necessary for your motorcycle? We've got you covered. Our CRG Bar End Mirror Kits are specifically designed to eliminate any uncertainty when selecting the right CRG components for your bike. We've extensively tested and verified their fitment across a broad range of motorcycles, ensuring compatibility and a trouble-free installation.

These comprehensive kits include both the CRG Bar End Mirror Adapters and the renowned CRG Bar End Mirrors. Additionally, we offer the option to include mirror block-offs, providing a complete and seamless upgrade for your motorcycle

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