At British Customs, we care deeply about good design and innovation. We’re obsessed with Triumphs and have handcrafted high quality Triumph parts for over 20 years. We meticulously pay attention to every detail to make parts that are easy and accessible to install for any rider and unparalleled in performance, integrity, and style. 

At the end of the day we are riders building exactly what we want to ride on, passionate about bikes and steadfast in our belief that every rider is unique and has the potential to reflect that in their motorcycle.

The New Heritage

The New Heritage

The New Heritage


Modern Triumphs as we know them today are descended from a long tradition of individualism, forward thinking design, and strong sense of style, characteristics that continue to define the soul of the brand to this day. 

We consider ourselves and our community of Triumph riders to be forgers of unique paths, demonstrating the timelessness of the Triumph spirit with every mile traveled. We let the iconic past of the brand and it’s heritage guide us in our design processes and in our values while still embracing the fresh new directions created by riders of today. Together we like to ask ourselves and our customers: what mark will you leave, and how will you continue carrying on and inventing a new heritage?

Designed & Tested

Designed & Tested


From our humble beginnings in a garage, our mission has always been to make quality parts that make motorcycle customization accessible and easy to do with common tools. Customizing bikes can be tedious and difficult, but we’ve thought through every step for you, creating designs that are made to be “bolt-on” to the original factory mounts. 

We don’t stop at just making and selling parts - we test them ourselves. We install our parts on our bikes and thrash them in all kinds of environments we can envision them being used in, and tweak designs with a combination of feedback from our own riders, professional racers, as well as our customers to get them right. Our design and test feedback loop process ensures that your parts will perform reliably, and encourages designs to evolve.

Our Team

Over the years we’ve been lucky to attract a small, passionate team balancing all of our own designing, prototyping, manufacturing, bike building, photographing, logistics, and marketing, all in our warehouse in Gardena, CA. With cumulative knowledge from over 50 years in motorcycle engineering, riding, racing, and modification, our team leads the world in customizing Triumphs. We respect innovation and partner with other industry leading brands to bring you the best parts and services for your Triumph, and aim to be a resource for Triumph riders everywhere.

We’re proud of our work and the fact that our parts are handcrafted in the USA. 

If you ever have questions or aren’t sure where to start, we’re here to help you. Just contact us and let’s talk bikes.