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Street Scrambler Custom: Street Sled

Street Scrambler Custom: Street Sled - BC Blog


Street Scrambler Street Sled build

Base Model: 2017 Triumph Street Scrambler

Every part we develop at British Customs begins on a bike build. When Triumph released their new Street Scrambler in 2017, we wanted to design parts for it and also see what existing parts could work with it that hadn’t been tried yet. 

We got our hands on a Street Scrambler in 2019 to begin our research and designing process to see what could be created, eventually creating many versions of what we call our “Street Sled.” 

To start our work on the first build, a few new products were developed specifically for the Street Scrambler, including our Slash Cut Shotgun Exhaust, H-Pipe & a T120 tank painted in tan by Anaheim Rod & Customs for a longer ride in the deserts. We also test fitted several parts we already had and confirmed that they would fit and work, like our Dirt Track Bar Kit, TKC80 tires, Slammer Seat, and the Pan Tail Light Kit.

Street Scrambler offroading in Ocotillo Wells

With the bike built up this way, the bike was taken out to Ocotillo Wells for testing, and we had one of our riders take it through its course. Check out our video of that testing day, and watch through until the end to see it end with a crash!

After testing that setup for a while, there was still work to be done to keep pushing the limits of what could be done with the scrambler. We wanted to replace the wheel rims to a 21x18” wheel set for a desert sled setup, but there were no existing hubs on the market for Liquid Cooled Triumph models yet. To workaround this, we removed the wheels from the Street Scrambler and sent the stock hubs to Dubya to get a custom rim and spoke laced up for us.

They told us it would take a few months, and in the meantime our naked Street Scrambler needed wheels. Just out of our own curiosity, we tried fitting the 18x17” Street Twin mag wheels to the bike, which actually worked! In order to keep riding more test builds through the dirt, we mounted our TKC80 tires in the interim while waiting for Dubya to send us back our wheel. 

Street Scrambler in the shop

Other changes were implemented on the bike as well. For a larger gas tank, the stock scrambler tank was swapped out for a larger Bonneville T120 tank and then painted again by Anaheim Rod & Custom with a weird twist of green hue. Suspension was improved for riding in the dirt with Matris front springs and rear piggyback shocks. 

We also took some customer feedback into consideration about the scrambler, with the most common request being an alternative to the stock high-pipe setup. Inspired by exhausts we saw on bikes racing at the Dakar Rally happening at the time, we designed and tried a 2-1 exhaust pipe that swept low, putting the merge collector on the side of the frame and finishing it with a GP can and a carbon tip. We also built a turn signal kit out of X-Arc Turn Signals by HighTechSpeed that allowed for a running tail light paired with a mini rear fender. 

This updated setup was taken out to Big Sur for a shoot with VAHNA.

Street Scrambler VAHNA photoshoot

Street Scrambler VAHNA photoshootStreet Scrambler VAHNA photoshootMore pictures can be found in this link here

Most recently, our Street Sled has been used to collaborate in our Designed and Tested campaign with State of Ethos, whose phenomenal team of dirt riders are giving us some dirt riding feedback on our builds. We’ll be using their experiences on our bikes to go toward a final bike build in September that will be optimized like never before for dirt riding.

State of Ethos Baja racer Chris Gil rode our Street Sled built for our Designed and Tested series. Stay tuned for our video and article coming out featuring his experiences and thoughts on riding it!



  • 2-1 Dakar Full Exhaust System





  • High Fender Bracket with stock Street Scrambler Front Fender
  • Pivot Pegz
  • Matris Front Spring Kit
  • Matris M40KC Rear Shocks
  • Drive Systems Rear Sprocket
  • DID 525VX Gold Chain
  • SW-Motech Skid Plate
  • Axle Mounted License Plate Bracket




  • Custom tank paint and brushed BC logo by Anaheim Rod & Customs

Photo gallery of the Tribute Street Sled build in the studio.


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