BC X State of Ethos Capsule Collection

State of Ethos' founder Dustin Humphrey came to us with the goal to build up his Triumph Scrambler for both dirt and street riding. As part of our designed and tested process, we're thrilled to be having the brand's team of competitive dirt riders (like Gared "Stankdog" Steinke and up and comer Chris Gil) ride our bikes to provide us with real feedback from a performance perspective to apply to the final bike build. We've never gotten feedback from such serious competitive riders before, and they've never tried riding a Triumph. It's definitely going to be interesting. Stay tuned for our bike builds and videos with their reactions in the coming months, and check out our limited clothing line with State of Ethos down below.

Origin Story

Dustin Humphrey was connected to us by our good friend John Hebert. Wanting to modify his stock Triumph Scrambler, Dustin told us he wanted to create a bike capable of long desert races as well as performing as a "daily dual sport on the streets, dirt roads and single tracks of Temecula." Temecula? As we continued talks with him about his bike and his lifestyle, it was impossible not to become intrigued about who he is.

The more you learn about Dustin Humphrey and his life the more you seem to find - from his background as an award winning photographer, filmmaker, motorcycle rider and builder, surfer, and designer - he is an inspiring person with dreams that cannot seem to be contained. While he is someone who dreams with his eyes open, he also values solid design that helps people get more out of what they love to do. As we got to know more about him we resonated deeply with his life and philosophy and became interested in his burgeoning brand, State of Ethos.

"Constructing durable, functional casual and technical wear with a timeless aesthetic you could wear through hell and back," State of Ethos is the sum of Dustin's passions and experiences, making gear and apparel that reflects a rich background in surf, skate, and motorcycling. Bringing together a solid community of riders, designers, artists, musicians, craftsmen and adventurers, they expand your idea of what’s possible in a creative life, especially on two wheels. With an impressive roster of talented motocross riders on their team, they're pushing boundaries and building worlds.

Charged by this aura of creativity and adventure lifestyle, we decided to invite Dustin and his team into our world of designing and testing motorcycle builds. We asked his State of Ethos dirt bike riders to participate in a feedback process to help us develop the best build we can for him, and thus this thriving partnership between British Customs and State of Ethos was born.

In the coming months we'll share with you about our builds and how our bikes hold up to getting thrashed, and also hear what they have to say about their experience of trading a 125cc two stroke dirt bike for a +500 lb Triumph built for dirt.

Check back to this page to keep tabs on this ongoing project, and look out for the final build for State of Ethos in June.

State of Ethos Riders
We're getting crucial feedback from the incredible riding team with State of Ethos as the foundation for building the best performing scrambler we can through our designed and tested methodology. State of Ethos has gathered a crew of some of the most talented competitive riders out there. It’s a rare opportunity for us to get feedback from people like Gared Steinke (aka “Stankdog”) or Chris Gil about riding a street Triumph converted for dirt - normally we never would have had the chance to meet them. Each rider has a different background, offering expertise from Supercross and Long Distance Desert Racing (Baja) perspectives. Key points are how the bike handles with technical riding in sand, jumps, handling unpredictable terrain and "whoops", as well as overall comfort/ergonomics.

Read on for each of the bike builds we had them ride and their feedback about them.
Gared "Stankdog" Steinke
A 2-stroke supercross rider on a Triumph Bonneville, our "Tribute Tracker". What can possibly go wrong ?
Chris Gil
Street Sled
Baja champ taking our Triumph Street Scrambler, the "Street Sled" for a rip in the whoops to some single track action.
Kelana Humphrey
Sled Deux
A 14 year old top amateur motocross rider on a Triumph Thruxton 900.

"Street Bike converted into a Dirt Bike"

The Tribute Dirt Bike
2015 Triumph Bonneville T100
Chris Gil rides
The Street Sled
2019 Triumph Street Scrambler
build coming soon
Kelana Humphrey Rides
The Sled Deux
2011 Triumph Thruxton 900
build coming soon