BC Thruxton Desert Sled - Fall 2019


From a previous campout adventure in Julian, California with some friends back in Fall 2019, we took out a few builds to rip around, take photos but most importantly test new components to finalize R&D.

During this trip, we put the recently converted Cafe Racer Deux build (converted into a Desert Sled) to the test consisting.

The parts we really focused on were the 2-2 Shotgun Exhaust, Scrambler Bar Kit, Pan Tail Light Kit for Air Cooled, Continental TKC80 Tire Kit & more from sweeping canyon roads to rocky downhill mountains

View photojournal below:


Big thanks to our friends, Nelson Kingery, Austin Dixon, John Lee, Hardworking Gentlemen crew & everyone else involved in this adventure
View the Thruxton Desert Sled Build here: link