Dealer Affiliate Program Explained

Updated: 5/1/20

What is the Dealer Affiliate Program?

Give your customers more purchasing options. Your customers can now shop at while you collect commissions on the referred orders. Eligible dealers receive a 20% commission on qualified orders. All orders will be placed, processed, and fulfilled by British Customs. Sign up today!

How do I make money with this program?

There are two ways to make money with this program.

  1. Share your unique promo code (10% off offer)
  2. Share your unique referral link

Login to your Affiliate Dashboard to access these tools.

How do I get paid?

Commissions will be paid monthly via PayPal. All commissions are held for 45 days post order date to account for returns and exchanges. Make sure you provide a PayPal email address to receive payments automatically.

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Affiliate Program Terms:

  1. For dealers to be considered "Affiliate Dealer" they must complete the Affiliate Registration process
  2. Commission rate = 20% of total of sale price (excluding shipping + taxes)
  3. Orders referred by "Affiliate Dealer" are eligible for commission payment. 
  4. Payments are issued via PayPal 45 days post order date to account for returns and exchanges
  5. Orders can be retroactively credited to "Affiliate Dealer" if sufficient evidence of attribution provided
  6. All reporting and payments are handled by third party