BRITISH CUSTOMS BUILD SERIES EPISODE 3 - Tires, Exhaust, Lighting & Handlebars | Street Scrambler to the Street Sled

Every part we develop at British Customs begins on a bike build. When Triumph released their new Street Scrambler in 2017, we wanted to design parts for it and also see what existing parts could work with it that hadn’t been tried yet.

We got our hands on a Street Scrambler in 2019 to begin our research and designing process to see what could be created, eventually creating many versions of what we call our “Street Sled.”

See the build here

In this episode, we discuss our favorite scrambler tires on the Street Twin wheels, new development of our 2-1 low pipes with a twist of Dakar to go away from the high pipes on the Street Scrambler and our favorite bar setup, the Pro Taper Dirt Track Bar Kit.

Parts used in this video: