Control. It’s perhaps the most important element in riding. It connects you to the bike and the road, gives you the confidence to explore, and liberates you to seek out adventure wherever you find it. That’s why we offer a complete line of accessories to personalize the control of your Triumph. From handlebars and mirrors, to foot pegs and gauge kits, our control upgrades help you customize your bike so it looks, feels and reacts exactly the way you want it to.

British Customs Handlebar Kits


Tracker Handlebar Kit

The Tracker Bar puts you in a confident, upright riding position. Each model has its own idiosyncrasies that can frustrate the installation of new handlebars. To address this, we have put together Handlebar Kits that come with everything you need to make the upgrade to a Tracker Bar possible.


Cafe Handlebar Kit

The Cafe Bar Kit includes a clubman style bar which provides an aggressive, crouched riding position common a classic Café Racer style builds. Alternatively known as "ace bars" or "thruxton bars," these are a popular option for riders seeking a clip on style bar while retaining the stock top triple tree clamp. 


Pro Taper Dirt Track Handlebar Kit

Known for being widely used in the Super Hooligan race series, The Pro Taper Dirt Track Bar Kit puts you in a position similar to our Mule Trackers yet with a slight edge on a race look & stance, with custom lengthened cables; no other components required.


Biltwell APES Handlebar Kit

We finally have the solution for riders looking for Ape Handlebars on their Triumph cruiser models. No need to trial & error which brake/clutch/throttle cables and lengths you'll need as we did all the guesswork with our custom lengthened cables. Just bolt-on, install the cables, bleed the brakes and you're good to go.


Retro Handlebar Kit

The Retro Bar Kit is a vintage style bar that compliments retro styling. We made the Retro Handlebars specifically to address the issues of cable length & the bends not allowing the installation of controls on some Triumph Modern Classics.


Handlebar Accessories

Direct Mount Reservoir

A solution for the bulky front brake reservoir: a CNC machined, black billet replacement unit that enhances the look of your 7/8" controls equipped Triumph.


ASV Levers

The key innovation in these levers is the unbreakable pivot design which allows the lever to fold backwards if enough pressure is applied. In addition the lever's reach is able to be finely adjusted for both short & longer fingers via cam adjuster wheel.


Master Cylinder Covers

Designed to complement the timeless look of any Modern Classic. Made from premium 6061 alloy & anodized all here in the USA, the British Customs Master Cylinder Cover will accentuate the distinctive features of your bike's vintage-inspired designs.



Motogadget M.View Spy Mirror Kits

The smallest mirrors in Motogadget's offering, the Spy Mirrors sits at the end of the handlebars with an adjustable arm, allowing fine vertical positioning for optimal visibility. Topped off with the artful qualities of machining, finishing & the special glassless mirror design, these mirrors are offered as a kit for direct fitment.


CRG Hindsight LS Mirror Kits

One of our favorite options for Triumph Modern Classics, the CRG Hindsight LS Bar End Mirrors offers high quality & functionality. The "LS" stands for "lane-split" as the mirror has a folding design allowing the mirror to be folded inwards for clearance during tight riding conditions or reduced width for bike storage. Offered as a kit for direct fitment.


Motogadget M.View Cafe Mirror Kits

The Motogadget Cafe Mirrors offers a retro look, enhancing the "cafe" element of a build with artful qualities of machining, finishing that & the special glassless mirror design. Can be mounted upwards or downwards at the ends of the handlebar, offered as a kit for direct fitment.


Mirror Accessories

Control Clamps

Designed as a solution for those seeking to eliminate the threaded mirror holes on Triumph Modern Classics. If you have opted for a bar-end mirror set up, or have found an alternative mounting location for mirrors, this is a solution for you. 


Bar End Mirror Adapter

Clamps onto the threaded bar ends found on stock handlebars, allowing installation of clamp style bar end mirrors. Machined from premium 6061 aluminum then black anodized in the to prevent oxidation. This is a direct replacement of the factory bar end, fastened on using a supplied bolt.


Mirror Hole Caps

Designed to offer an inexpensive & easy way to address the hole left behind in your controls when relocating mirrors. If you have installed bar-end mirrors or a clamp on mirror, you may have holes left in the controls. Over time, you'll start seeing this hole from your peripheral so no need to leave this unattended. 




1.5mm allen wrench shoved into the hole after finger tightening, and you're making tea with the wife. On the Street Twin, you may need to remove the bolt holding your brake reservoir, and hold it upright while you add your shiny new bolt.

Ash D.
Seattle, WA

This fit my Thruxton EFI perfectly, went on in 5 minutes. Came with multiple screw options, my CRG mirrors went on snuggly.

Tim H.
Brooklyn, NY

Foot Peg Kits

Bates Foot Peg Kits

Made from the original tried-and-true Bates foot peg mold, the Bates Foot Peg offers infinite foot positions as it's fully round, bigger in diameter compared to stock & finished with a grippy rubber that's replaceable. Made to last with quality materials so you won’t have to worry about your parts looking faded two months down the road. 


Off Road Foot Peg Kits

Dirt bike style foot pegs, and a set of adapters with pins, allowing tilt adjustments. The billet foot pegs provide excellent grip while still being incredibly lightweight, tried-and-true on our BC builds from racing Super Hooligan to jumping around in the dirt. The upgrades included in this package are made to last with quality materials and finishes, all of our foot peg kits are manufactured in the USA.




Great mirrors. Excellent quality and a great replacement for the "mickey mouse" factory mirrors on the Triumph Thruxton R. Delivery time was exceptional, from California to Australia in within a week! Thanks BC.

Dennis M.
Canberra, Australia

Beautifully made. Took five minutes to switch out with the OEM part. BC parts are always really good stuff, always impressed with the fit and finish.

Ian R.
New Canaan, CT

Gauges & Accessories

Single Flat Gauge Kit

One of the easiest ways to deliver a sleek, low look on your modern classic is to eliminate excess. The British Customs Single Flat Gauge Kit removes your tachometer and positions your speedometer low which also lowers your headlight with the use of the Billet Headlight ears.


Street Twin Flat Gauge Kit

Having a clean, streamlined look is key to any custom build. The British Customs Flat Package for the Triumph Street Twin lays the bracket down flat along the top of the headlight to give the front end a polished look finishing it off with our Billet Headlight Ears.


Dual Flat Gauge Kit

A sleek, low look at the front-end of your modern classic. The British Customs Dual Flat Gauge Package is a quick and simple that not only cleans up the control area of your Modern Classic, but relocates the ignition switch to where it should be, under your nose. Blending form, function and durability.