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Speedmaster EFI Custom: Tony Hawk's Bobber

Speedmaster EFI Custom: Tony Hawk's Bobber - BC Blog
the birdman cruiser triumph speedmaster with McSqueeb decal

The Tony Hawk Foundation was created by Action Sports Legend Tony Hawk to help communities across America come together to support young skaters by providing a safe, legal place for parents and kids to enjoy the sport of skateboarding. In order to support this awesome cause, we have built a Triumph Speedmaster to be auctioned off with all the proceeds going to support the Foundation. This build is a real head-turner, featuring British Customs manufactured parts, prototypes, and a number of custom one-offs to finish the look. The bike is built to please the rider and the onlooker alike. From the Low Profile Leather Gel Seat to the Side Mount License Plate mount with Integrated Taillight and Battery Box cover, no detail has been overlooked. Slimmed down by fitting a Bonneville gas tank and custom painted to match one of Tony’s signature skateboards, the Birdhouse Skateboards “McSqueeb,” this Speedmaster immediately draws the eye.

tony hawk holding mcsqueeb skateboard and sitting on the birdman cruiser triumph speedmaster

Not content to just make a good-looking bike, we made sure this machine can burn rubber with the best of them. To beef up the performance and sound of the machine a Cocktail Shaker Exhaust has been fitted and installed. Paired with the America/Speedmaster Airbox Removal Kit and tuned to perfection via the Power Commander V power management system, this performance package results in a significant horsepower boost. To ensure that the added power hooks up with the asphalt, a Wide Rear Wheel kit and a 21” Front wheel kit have been installed. Completing the Cruiser look and feel of the bike are Biltwell 12” Ape Handlebars held secure by BC 1” Four Bolt Handlebar Clamps. This bike has been a labor of love that will be sorely missed when it finds a new home. Fortunately if you get outbid, you can customize a Speedmaster of your own. See The Birdman Cruiser Package for more information. Special thanks to the Tony Hawk, the Tony Hawk Foundation, and Triumph America.

front and rear views of the birdman cruiser triumph speedmaster
triumph speedmaster rear view
birdman cruiser left side view
birdman cruiser right side view

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