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Shotgun Exhaust vs Slash Cut Shotgun Exhaust

Are you thinking about upgrading the exhaust of your liquid-cooled Triumph Street Scrambler (2017-2022) or Scrambler 900 (2023+)? Here's a simple guide to help you choose between the Triumph Shotgun Slip-On Exhaust and the Triumph Slash Cut Shotgun Slip-On Exhaust.

Triumph Shotgun Slip-On Exhaust: The Basics

The Shotgun Slip-On Exhaust works with both the Triumph Street Scrambler and Scrambler 900 (2023+). Here's what it offers:

  • Louvre Core: The Shotgun Exhaust uses a louvre core baffle wrapped in Stainless Steel wool. This allows us to maintain a minimalistic design while ensuring proper back pressure and sound dampening.
  • Increased Performance: The design of the Shotgun Exhaust enhances performance and slightly boosts bottom-end performance compared to the Slash Cut exhaust.
  • Classic Sound: The design of the Shotgun Exhaust delivers a deep, classic motorcycle sound.

Triumph Slash Cut Shotgun Slip-On Exhaust: What's Different?

The Slash Cut Shotgun Slip-On Exhaust, compatible with both Triumph Street Scrambler and Scrambler 900 (2023+), provides:

  • Perforated Core: The Slash Cut Shotgun Slip-On Exhaust uses a perforated core wrapped in stainless steel wool. This increases exhaust flow compared to the louvre core while still allowing us to maintain proper back pressure and produce a performance exhaust note.
  • Performance Sound: The design produces a performance exhaust note. Compared to the Shotgun Exhaust, it is slightly higher-pitched, giving the bike a performance sound that will make you stand out on the road.
  • Louder: Due to the shorter design, the Slash Cut Shotgun Exhaust is about 10-15% louder than the Shotgun Slip-On.

Which One Should You Pick?

Your choice between the Triumph Shotgun and Slash Cut Slip-On Exhausts depends on your preferences and the style you're aiming for:

  • The Shotgun Slip-On Exhaust is great for those who appreciate a classic sound and improved performance.
  • The Slash Cut Slip-On Exhaust is perfect for those who desire a performance sound and increased performance in a compact design.

Regardless of your choice, both options will enhance your bike's performance and sound. The performance is similar between the two exhausts, so we recommend choosing your exhaust based on the style of your build.

If you any questions about customization your Triumph Motorcycle or require assistance with your build, we invite you to reach out to our dedicated Triumph support specialists. Feel free to email us at support@british-customs.com, or give us a call at 877-999-BRIT. We are always here to help you customize your Triumph Motorcycle. 

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