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Q&A interviews with Triumph Modern Classic riders in the community & what got them started, fuels their inspiration & what their "adventure" consists of
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Reliving triumphant moments through photo journals
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Dimitri Coste & His '67 TR6C

Who are the icons of the 21st century ?

Chippa Wilson

The Renaissance Man


Interviews with some of our favorite people in the industry & legends from the golden days
Legend Series

Eddie Mulder

"When you got out on the track, the green flag dropped, & the bullsh*t stopped"

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Bonneville Speed Twin
Exhaust Options

Product Updates

Scrambler 1200
2022 Design Revision

Major catalytic converter design revision for 2022+ models
Sound Demo

Shotgun Exhaust

Scrambler 1200
Tips & Tricks

Uneven Slip On Exhaust ?

How to fix an uneven slip-on exhaust