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Weekend Projects Stainless Steel Collection Buyer’s Guide

Weekend Projects Stainless Steel Collection Buyer’s Guide

Your motorcycle is your baby. When you’re browsing the internet looking for parts to help personalize your build, you look for only the highest quality upgrades. Because why would you put anything less on her? Do you want chintzy, cheap-looking parts holding her together? Is that what you want people to think when they see you cruising by on the custom motorcycle you built to express who you are?

Probably not.

That’s why we’re introducing the Stainless Steel Collection.


Stainless steel is an incredible material. It’s tough, corrosion-resistant, and gives anything featuring it a timeless look — so it shouldn’t be a surprise that we’re introducing a collection of high quality parts made from it. “But why not aluminum?” you may ask. Tell us — would you eat a good steak off a paper plate with some plastic utensils just because they’re lighter?

The British Customs Stainless Steel Collection ensures that the parts you install on your Triumph are precision-engineered from the highest quality materials. Like all of our parts, they’re made to factory specifications and are bolt-on, meaning the average rider can easily install them with common tools and minimal technical knowledge.

The Stainless Steel Retro Tail Light was designed in the spirit of the classic bobbers of the 40s and 50s with its chopped, minimalist look. This tail light isn’t just for looks or function, but for someone who wants to say something with their motorcycle.

If you’re tired of fighting with your seat screws every time you need to pull the seat off, the Stainless Steel Quick Release Seat Screws are a great replacement for your stock seat screws. The Stainless Steel Quick Release Seat Screws add a subtle touch to the vintage look of your Modern Classic, and can be removed and tightened by hand.

The Stainless Steel Mock Monza Gas Cap has that classic, streamlined look that vintage motorcycle enthusiasts clamour for. The Stainless Steel Mock Monza Gas Cap uses the stock gas cap threading but replaces the stock cap.

Likewise, if you want to be able to tighten or remove your side covers by hand, you can do so by installing the Stainless Steel Quick Release Side Cover Screws. Don’t compromise on practicality or aesthetics with these Stainless Steel Quick Release Side Cover Screws.


All these parts are easy to install, and can transform your Triumph motorcycle over a Saturday afternoon and have it ready to ride by Sunday morning. These parts can be purchased individually, or altogether in a single package.

The devil’s in the details with any personal motorcycle build, no matter how extensive the customization is. The British Customs Stainless Steel Collection adds the perfect touch of class and luxury to your motorcycle.

Trust the quality of your parts with the Stainless Steel Collection from British Customs, all the way down to your seat screws.


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