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Get Out The Wrenches, Because It’s Time to Get Greasy: Transform Your Triumph This Weekend

Transform Your Triumph This Weekend - BC Blog

You may have noticed we did some renovations. This moved here, and that there. And you probably noticed we added a few new things. But they aren’t just bells and whistles. They’re game changers. Check it out.

When you think about getting a custom motorcycle, you usually imagine taking your bike down to a shop where some big bearded burly dudes covered in tats will charge you tens of thousands of dollars to chop your baby to bits and do some fancy-schmancy wiring jobs so you can have a motorcycle painted with flames and dragons and that has tiny little switches for your turn signals built into the handlebars.

We’re going to change that.

What we want you to imagine when you think of getting a custom motorcycle is you, with your motorcycle, the parts you want on your bike, your own set of basic tools, in your own garage, making it happen. That’s it. Seriously.

We want to bring being able to have a custom motorcycle to the average rider. We want the average rider to be able to do it on their own if they want to. We want to reconnect riders with their bikes, and to a time when things were simpler — the “good ol’ days” our grandparents always talked about. We’re trying to revitalize the lost heritage of motorcycles, and the home-garage culture that faded away with it.

So we’re introducing Weekend Projects.

With our new layout, you can shop for individual parts using the “Parts” banner, for packages using the “Weekend Projects” banner, or you can check out some of our custom builds under the “Design Guide” banner to get inspired.

We’ve grouped parts together into Weekend Projects packages to help you transform your Triumph system by system, in whatever way you want to. We’re not going to tell you how to personalize your bike — that’s up to you — but we are going to take the guesswork out of what all you need to get. Want to upgrade your performance? Our complete performance upgrade packages contain everything you need: full exhaust systems, air box removal kits, air injection removal kits, header gaskets, and a Power Commander. All in one. Bam. Want to detail your bike and make the trim pop? Our trim appearance upgrades packages have multiple kinds of side covers, sprocket covers, chain guards, and even quick release screws you can tighten and loosen by hand. The contents of each package will vary by model and what can be done for that certain bike’s systems, but you get the idea.

Our new Weekend Projects are the one-stop shop for everything you need to transform your Triumph this weekend. These packages are designed so that you can spend a little time wrenching on Saturday and have your bike ready to hit the road on Sunday morning.

We’ve also taken the guesswork out of how hard each project is to install with our new difficulty scale. Each package is rated from 1 to 5, 1 meaning that a novice with their first set of tools should be able to install it, and 5 meaning that only the most grizzled pro builder who can brush their teeth with an air wrench should attempt it. Most of our packages require only common tools and minimal technical knowledge though, don’t worry.

However, keep a lookout for our upcoming tech tips and installation guides (also on YouTube!) which will walk you through every step for many of these projects.

If you can’t stand having greasy fingers, or don’t feel like swinging tools would be safe for anyone, then step away from the wrench: you can take any of these packages to your local dealer and have them install it for you.

Nearly everything in all these packages is factory-spec and bolt-on, meaning you can easily get the original parts off and the new parts on with just a few common tools.

Transform your Triumph into the custom bike you’ve always wanted this weekend with our Weekend Projects.

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