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Weekend Projects Exhaust & Engine Performance Upgrades Buyer’s Guide

Exhaust & Engine Performance Upgrades Buyer’s Guide


Weekend Projects are upgrades packages that contain everything you need to upgrade any section of your motorcycle to ensure a hassle and frustration-free experience. With Weekend Projects, you won’t have to worry about not getting something you didn’t know you actually needed, or ending up with parts that won’t fit. This is the fastest, easiest way to get the best results from upgrading your motorcycle.

Upgrading your exhaust is the fastest and easiest way to ramp up your horsepower.



Improving the air flow to the engine will significantly boost its efficiency and power output.

For EFI bikes, a Dynojet Power Commander V will unlock your engine’s full potential. For carbureted bikes, racing carbs and a pilot jet kit will optimize your engine performance.


No explanation necessary.

Maximizing your horsepower is extremely satisfying—and easy to do!—but requires a little bit more than just slipping on some awesome new exhaust pipes.

To get everything you can out of your engine, the process varies from model to model. To eliminate the guesswork of what all you need to get, you can go to our site, select your model, click on the Weekend Projects banner, and choose Performance Projects. These Performance Projects include everything you need for your specific model to maximize your engine performance, and allow you to personalize your bike with whichever exhaust kit you want!

If you ride a 2009+ Modern Classic (Bonneville, Thruxton, or Scrambler) or Cruiser (America, Speedmaster, Thunderbird, or Rocket III) it has an electronic fuel injection (EFI) system. To optimize performance gains, you need an exhaust system, an air injection removal kit, an air box removal kit, and a DynoJet Power Commander.

If your Triumph is a 2001-2009 Modern Classic or Cruiser, the engine is carbureted. To maximize your power output, you need an exhaust system, a jet upgrade kit, FCR 39mm racing carbs,an air injection removal kit, and an air box removal kit.

If you ride a Street Triple, Speed Triple, or Daytona 675 made in any year, you need an exhaust system, a DynoJet Power Commander, and secondary air injection (SAI) block-off plates (Daytona 675 SAI block-off plates will fit Street Triples).

But which exhaust kit is right for you?

There are two kinds of exhaust kits we offer: slip-ons and full systems. Slip-ons will significantly change the way your motorcycle sounds, and will give you a slight boost in horsepower. Slip-on kits replace your mufflers with louder, more efficient components and are very easy to install. Slip-ons we offer for Modern Classics include the loud and popular Predators, the retro Sleepers, Mini Reverse Cone, and the BC X Empire Shotgun Exhaust; Cocktail Shakers, Hog Slayers, and Predators for Cruisers; and the BC X Empire Street Triple Exhaust.


Full exhaust systems will completely change the way your motorcycle sounds, and will give you a huge increase in power output. Full systems include headers, mid-pipes (also known as Y-pipes), and mufflers, and are not difficult to install. Full exhaust systems we offer for Modern Classics include Drag Pipes, Slash Cut TT Exhaust, 2-into-1 Exhaust, and High Header Exhaust.


To make full use of your new exhaust system though, you have to do some tuning. If you have an EFI bike, you’ll need to install a Power Commander and have your bike custom Dynotuned to get a custom-tailored fuel map for your exact motorcycle and setup. If you’re using a carbureted bike, you can change your jet positioning yourself to dial to perfection your air-to-fuel ratio. Read our Tuning Tech Tip for more information on the specifics of how to do this.

Another option for getting more useable horsepower out of your motorcycle is to get your cams serviced. By having us service your cams, we can increase your engine’s power output at the low range of the RPMs, making cruising smoother and more enjoyable. This way you don’t have to go all the way to the rev limiter to get all the juice, but can get the smoothest and strongest power delivery when you’re nicely cruising.

Whether you enjoy easy cruises, carve the canyons, stunt, flat track, or anything in between, getting the most out of your engine will completely transform your motorcycle and how much you enjoy riding it. And it’s easier to do than you’d think.

Transform your Triumph this weekend with a new exhaust system, and get out there and do what you love!

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