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Air Injection Removal Kit


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Air Injection Removal Kit
Air Injection Removal Kit
Air Injection Removal Kit
Air Injection Removal Kit
Air Injection Removal Kit
Air Injection Removal Kit

Designed as an emissions control modification, the Triumph air injection system pumps air into the engine to force more fuel to burn inside the cylinder. While that may sound commendable, it comes at a cost. The downside of the system is that it creates a lean fueling condition that spikes exhaust temperature -- that encourages your header pipes to turn blue and makes low-speed throttle adjustments finicky at best. This upgrade has all the components needed to replace the air injection system for a finished look and a cooler running engine. The British Customs Air Injection block-off bolts are machined from aluminum in a low profile design and coated black to match the head perfectly or left raw: either way they virtually disappear.


  • Reduction in Exhaust temperature
  • Discourage blue pipes
  • Reduces lean conditions

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Included Components
  • Low profile air injection plugs
  • Copper crush gaskets
  • Rubber nipples
  • Air box plug (for stock air box)

Q & A's

Q: Will this work on a Triumph Speedmaster / America?
A: This item is compatible with the Speedmaster and America

Q: Is it required to upload a new map?
A: A remap is not needed after installing the Air Injection Removal Kit

This product is not available for sale in the State of California.

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