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Before the Triumph Bobber was released, we had created some British Customs bobber-style builds of our own. Our Vintage Vendetta and Tony Hawk bikes are two of our favorite bobber-style builds we’ve done, both starting off as stock Triumph Speedmasters. We were thrilled when our Vintage Vendetta build attracted Triumph’s attention and was taken on tour with them, and during this period we were able to talk with Triumph to give our feedback about what we liked and disliked about their cruiser models of that time.

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We like to believe that our feedback was taken into consideration when Triumph later released their Bobber model in 2016. Upon its release, we were eager to get our hands on one to see what custom Triumph Bobber parts we could create for this new line of Triumph cruisers.

In this collection, you can check out all the custom Triumph Bobber parts we’ve created for the Bonneville Bobber, as well as accessories for Triumph Bobber that we carry and have confirmed will fit on this Triumph model.

Customize Your Bobber

As always, parts development at British Customs begins with bike builds. Since the Bobber was completely new to the Triumph line, we started with a few lighter builds to get an initial feel for what kind of design hurdles we may come across. From this process, we developed our Triumph Bobber custom parts, resulting in the Bobber Clip On, Postwar Bonneville Bobber, and Bonneville Bobber: Light Custom V2.

When developing the Tracker Handlebar Kit for the Triumph Bobber we were pleased to discover that Triumph added a junction block to the ABS system, making handlebar swaps easier than the Street or Bonneville Series models. Over the years, we’re proud to have added more to our accessories for Triumph Bobber offerings, which include:

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