Sleeper Pro Slip On Exhaust

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Installation Process

The Sleeper Pro Slip On Exhaust installs in under an hour with common tools. Simply remove the factory exhaust and bolt on the Sleeper Pro. Remapping is not required due to Triumphs "self-learning" ECU that can adapt to changes in the exhaust. When installing alongside our Competition Header it is highly recommended you seek professional help to re-tune the motorcycle.

Estimated Install Time - 30-60 minutes

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Download Guide for Bonneville T100/T120

Not Available for Sale in State of California

Each state has its own emissions and inspection requirements.  In California, this is managed by the Air Resources Board (CARB for short).  CARB has determined that certain aftermarket motorcycle parts are not legal for sale or highway use in the state of California. Items subject to this determination include certain exhausts, fuel controllers, and other parts that might affect a vehicle's emissions.

British Customs has determined to the best of its ability which items are CARB approved and which items are not - items that are not CARB approved are not able to be shipped to addresses in California or used for on-road use in California. 

Items that are not CARB approved may still be utilized in the state of California, provided that they are not used on a public road (i.e. only used on a closed course or offroad).  At this time, British Customs cannot verify if a product is used for closed circuit or off-road use and cannot ship to addresses in California.  

For more information, please refer to the CARB's information page.


The Sleeper Exhaust was originally designed in 2008, the peashooter design pays tribute to the 1960s and 70s factory Triumphs. The goal of the Sleeper was to increase the performance and improve the exhaust note while keeping close to the original Triumph aesthetic; more power with a toned down appearance, hence "Sleeper."


304 Stainless steel construction

Louvre Core

No Repacking Required

Rubber Mounted Bracketry

Reduced Engine Vibration