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The open road is full of characters.

That’s the draw, the desire, the addiction to the unknown we crave.

The lack of boundary pulls the best from us, inspires the character inside to come out and play.

No doubt you’ve met more than a few characters on the open road and still tell stories about them: the woman who shared her last cigarette with you at Pismo; the kid who saved your ass from a mid-desert flat; the guy you shared a lane with in complete darkness from Denver to Albuquerque before he disappeared south with a familiar smile.

Ever wonder if you made an equal impression on them? If they still tell stories about you?

What we don’t always realize is these tales and moments we share, the turns and trouble we encounter, they all influence who we are.

But where do these characters come from? What makes a character? Are you one?

If there’s anything the open road has taught us, it’s that these encounters are not random. There’s an order to the way things work.

Don’t believe us? Think about how you prepare for a ride. You might be the type of person that maps out each stop. Or you might just hit the road without agenda. Bottom line is you aren’t going anywhere if your bike isn’t running properly.

So you prepare, in your own way, knowing this process will get you beyond city limits.

You have a system you rely on to keep you moving and keep the open road within reach. We believe this system is the foundation of our character and yours.

Function Inspires Character

function | fNGk SHin |


 practical use or purpose in design

inspire | in’ spyr


 fill someone or something with the urge to do or feel something creative

character | kar-ik-ter |


 the qualities distinctive to an individual

 strength and originality in a person’s nature

The truth is, in some form or fashion, we’re all characters. We may ride different bikes, wear different clothes, prefer a different path: Different Strokes for Different Folks, right?

No matter how different we all are, the constant is the need for things to simply work. That’s why you choose Triumph. Whether on the open road or commuting to a job, we rely on this machine so much so that it becomes an extension of our day and the very core of our character. This bike speaks for us and inspires us.

Whether we build a machine that pays homage to the uncle that introduced us to the open road, or validates our mission in life, or is a tool that helps us perform, we all share this need. It simply must work or we feel like we’re missing a major organ.

So the next time you hit the open road, flag down a character or two, buy them a beer, share your story and leave a mark.

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