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Increase Rider Performance with Hybrid Gel Technology

Increase Rider Performance with Hybrid Gel Technology - British Customs

When the time comes to upgrade your seat, what’s the first question that comes to mind? For us, it’s the why. Why would I need to upgrade my seat?

What’s the Most Important Feature of a Seat?

Do you consider the style of the seat first?

Are you more concerned with the comfort and how the seat will stand up on long rides?

Maybe you simply want a seat that is built to last.

As our team began the research and development phase for our latest line of seats, this line of questioning weighed heavily on the process. We kept coming back to one question: why can’t we have it all?

We dug in and made it a point to address every issue concerning performance and overall quality of stock seats. From major comfort needs with hot spots and circulation to the desire for a stylish upgrade all the way down to the ease of the installation.

The result is our new Cafe Racer seat and the Slammer Seat that are compatible with the Thruxton, Bonneville and Scrambler models, and the Low Profile Gel seat that’s compatible with the America and Speedmaster. Each seat incorporates our Integrated Comfort System, and features hybrid gel technology.

What is the Integrated Comfort System?

The integrated comfort system is the result of a combination of years of experience in designing and manufacturing seats for Triumph bikes with the latest technological advances in materials such as medical-grade gel, split cushion design and magic foam.

Breakdown of the ICS:

  • Split Cushion Design: separate vertical lumbar support and horizontal seating surface eliminates the “hammock” effect commonly seen in other motorcycle seats
  • Gel Insert & Technology: designed to isolate engine and road vibration and increase circulation to eliminate hot spots and improve overall comfort
  • Proven Foam Development: three part molding and pouring process that perfectly balances the best of foam technology
  • Form Stable: whether real leather or synthetic, the outer layer of the ICS will maintain the shape and performance to provide comfort and style mile after mile
  • Built to Last: the combination of this technology and our proven process produces a seat that far surpasses stock seat performance, comfort, longevity and style.

What is Hybrid Gel Technology?

Hybrid gel technology is the name we’ve given to the combination of materials incorporated into the design and structure of our new seats. The gel was initially designed for the medical industry and used to improve the comfort of someone confined to a bed for an extended period of time. It has been shown to improve circulation and prevent sores during long periods of use.

But the fact remains: for many of us, seats aren’t always the first addition to our bikes we think about, despite the fact that it might be the most visibly noticeable. Regardless, the reason we customize our bike is because we want better performance. A seat upgrade can help you get there.

We believe the seat might just be the most important performance upgrade you’ll make to your bike. Not because you’ll be able to ride faster or harder or achieve legendary status within your circle of riders.

In fact, if we do our job with these seats, you won’t notice them during the ride at all. And that’s the point: once installed, these seats will improve rider performance again and again without the need for additional adjustments. And they’ll look good while doing it.

It’s not about the technology, the gel, or the ICS. You are the engine that drives the bike. If you’re not in top form, the performance of your bike suffers, the ride suffers, the journey is less enjoyable.

But if you are able to focus exclusively on the ride, not worry about hot spots or get overly fatigued because of vibration and lack of support, then the seat is a success. We know it sounds like we’ve been stuck in the factory making seats for too long, but we’re pretty confident that one ride with our seat will convince you it’s a worthy upgrade.

We’re not being dramatic here. After you sit in one of our seats, the “why” you’re asking will become, “Why didn’t I upgrade my seat earlier?”

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