The open road is not to be taken for granted. It’s seen many like you before and will see many like you in the years to come.

Those who know the open road well, know it’s more than the road they frequented as a kid, kicking stones and chasing birds. The open road is more than the slab of asphalt they parked beside for their first kiss. And it’s still more than the means to escape the suffocating madness within cubicles, apartments and city limits.

The open road is a way of life. We’ve been drawn to it because it is the lifeblood. It is not transportation, it is not infrastructure, it is not extinct. As long as we wander and ride and are driven to explore the unknown, the open road will exist and inspire and guide our every move.

The open road says something different to each of us. No matter the message, it strikes a chord in our physical bodies, molds our character, and gives us a voice all our own so that we might go out into the world and tell others it exists.

The open road may be elusive and we may have to work to find it sometimes. We may spend days, weeks, even years without setting foot or wheel to it. But we always return.

When were you last on the open road?