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British Customs x Analog Motorcycles - British Customs

It all comes down to the details. Whether you believe the devil lurks within them or not, its those small, minute executions of creativity that make or break a design. Tony Prust is obsessed with them. Take one look at any of his custom bike builds and you’ll see what we mean. His shop, Analog Motorcycles, has been seriously sweating the small things for riders seeking absolute cohesion in each and every one of the hand-built customs that bears the Analog name.

When you find out that Tony used to be a finish-carpenter — a field that rewards a keen eye as quickly as it plucks out a dull one — it starts to make sense. When the construction market started sliding south in 2007, Tony traded dovetails for boat tails and he hasn’t looked back. The fit and finish work on Analog builds has been compared to the exacting precision of an aerospace engineer and a surgeon, on more than one occasion.

British Customs is extremely proud to announce their partnership with Tony and Analog Motorcycles. His first creation to be featured here is the Analog 3T – a fender eliminator kit that exudes the clean lines and amplified attitude that Thruxton riders want, coupled with the build quality and ease of installation well beyond an OEM spec. In our eyes, the Analog 3T epitomizes the term Modern Classic and this is why British Customs is carrying it as a part of our Pro Builder Series.

Tony’s inspiration for the Analog 3T stems from a part he had wanted to craft for one of his other builds, a Honda CB750. LED light arrays are nothing new, but finding a set-up that would be malleable enough to work the way he wanted wasn’t easy. Working with the people behind the Ducati Sport Classic used in Disney’s remake of Tron, Tony crafted his prototype and a design was born. While its been used on a multitude of Analog’s custom builds, the Analog 3T suits the cafe racer profile of the Triumph Thruxton perfectly and was engineered to facilitate a seamless, sweat-free install.

Analog Motorcycles is currently booked for months in advance. Tony currently has two bikes waiting for delivery and a stable of four more waiting for his expert craftsmanship. Tony jokes that the name Analog stems from his tendency to be anal when it comes to his work. We say the industry is a better place with people like Tony Prust in it and we’re blessed to be working with such an exacting master builder.

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