Speedmaster (2018+)

Triumph Speedmaster 900 (2002-2017)

While the Speedmaster takes some notes from the bobber tradition, it bears little visual resemblance to the Triumph Bobber model and is essentially an “unbobbed” bobber. It still has a low stance, but with the fender kept long and “unbobbed” to accommodate a passenger and a lengthier seat to match, it has a look of its own. What we have found out, though, is that it is still able to share some parts with the Triumph Bobber.

Check out the parts we’ve designed and curated for your custom Bonneville Speedmaster and keep a look out for lighting upgrades (like our Plug & Play Pan Taillight and Turn Signals) that are coming down the pipeline for this model.

Parts Development for the Bonneville Speedmaster

The preceding air cooled Speedmaster model was already known to us as a great platform for customization, and it served as a great canvas for some of our bobber-style custom builds. So when Triumph released its liquid cooled Bonneville Speedmaster in 2018, we were really excited to work on them.

Our initial product development for Triumph Speedmaster custom parts focused on performance, sound, and riding position. We were pleased to realize that despite having differences in finish (the Speedmaster has a polished finish while the Bobber uses a brushed finish), the Speedmaster was able to use some of the same parts as the Triumph Bobber model with little to no adjustment, except aesthetically.

We had already developed the Sleeper Pro exhausts and Performance Tips for the Bobber, so we released those same parts in a polished finish to be able to use on the Bonneville Speedmaster. To improve upon the riding position we developed a Tracker Bar Kit.

Keep a look out for more Speedmaster accessories that are in development and due for release soon, including some lighting upgrades.


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