How to Remove the Top Triple Clamp on a Triumph Motorcycle

Before starting work, make sure that the motorcycle is stabilized and adequately supported. You don't want your bike falling and causing injury to you or to the bike.

If the engine has been running, the exhaust components may be hot to the touch. To avoid injury, always allow the bike to cool down prior to any work you plan to do.

  • Remove the seat
  • Disconnect the battery, negative (black) lead first (see article).

Use Image Above for Reference
A. Pinch Bolt
B. Top Nut

Step By Step Guide

1. Support the handlebars and remove the handlebar clamp bolts.

2. As an assembly, raise the handlebars until clear of the top triple clamp. Rest the assembly forward of the steering stem such that access to the headstock top nut is unrestricted. Ensure the master cylinder/front brake reservoir remains upright.

3. Loosen the upper yoke pinch bolts.

4. Loosen and remove the top nut from the steering stem.

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