How to Disconnect the Battery on a Triumph Motorcycle

How to Disconnect the Battery on a Triumph Motorcycle

Before starting work, make sure that the motorcycle is stabilized and adequately supported. You don't want your bike falling and causing injury to you or to the bike.

If the engine has been running, the exhaust components may be hot to the touch. To avoid injury, always allow the bike to cool down prior to any work you plan to do.

Before you begin, remove the seat.

Triumph How to Guide

Use image above for reference:
A. Fastener
B. Engine ECM Bracket
C. Rear Lights Electrical Connector
D. USB Electrical Connector
E. Locating Lub
Step By Step Guide

1. Disconnect the battery cables, negative (black) lead first.

2. Remove and discard the fasteners securing the engine ECM bracket to the frame.

3. Partially raise the right hand side of the bracket and release the locating lug on the left hand side from the frame.

4. Detach the rear lights electrical connector from its lug on the engine ECM bracket.

5. Disconnect the USB electrical connector.

6. Position the engine ECM to one side.

7. Remove the battery strap.

8. Detach the USB port socket and position aside.
9. Take the battery out of the case.