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Weekend Projects Suspension Buyer’s Guide

Weekend Projects Suspension Buyer’s Guide - British Customs

Upgrading your suspension is more than just about keeping your ride cushy. You don’t have to know the fine mechanics of damping, compression, and rebound to know that when you take a corner or ride over a bump, you’d rather your bike handle smoothly than bounce around like a pogo stick for the next half-mile. Or bottom out, because everybody loves blowing out their valves.

So we’re introducing our Handling Packages.



Whether your cruise the boulevards or rail the canyons, we’ve got a Suspension Kit tailored just for your riding style and your model bike. These kits don’t just come with the springs you need, but the whole suspension setup including some cosmetic upgrades to keep them looking good.

If you like taking it easy and enjoying the scenery, any of our Hagon Classic Shocks Packages, Hagon 2810 Adjustable Shocks Packages, Hagon Road Shocks Packages, or Progressive Shocks 412 Series Packages will make your ride about the journey, not the destination. Any of these Suspension Kits will give your Modern Classic a softness to keep riding comfortable, but a stiffness to keep it from ever pogoing or bottoming out.

If you demand more from your bike than just comfy Sunday morning coffee runs, we offer a line of performance Suspension Kits to keep your bike stable when you’ve got the twisties. Our Hagon Nitro Adjustable Shocks Packages offer top-of-the-line quality suspension. Our Nitro shocks are available in both standard and piggyback versions, with the piggyback versions being slightly higher performing due to their ability to keep the oil in the reservoir cooler. For the hungry who kneel at the altar of speed, we offer Ohlins Suspension Packages to satisfy the needs of even the most skilled track warrior. Install those gold springs only if you dare.

In order for your suspension to perform its best, no matter what kind of riding you do, you need to adjust it specifically for your body weight and riding style. Be sure to read our Tech Tip on demystifying suspension tuning to get your new suspension to perform the way it was meant to. With our suspension tech tip, you’ll be able to accurately tune your suspension by yourself, or know what to ask a mechanic to do if you want to have a dealer do it for you. All you need is the shock wrench included with the package, a normal wrench, and a flathead!

If you want to complete your suspension setup, adding a Front End Stabilization Package will wholly redefine your understanding of front end feedback. Steering dampers help filter front end feedback so that you don’t get any unwanted vibration or shaking in your handlebars, only buttery smooth control.

No upgraded handling setup is complete without proper brakes though. That’s why we have Upgraded Braking Packages, which include everything you need to get the stopping power you want with high quality front and rear rotors and pads.


To get the absolute most out of your bike, pair one of our Handling Packages with a Performance Upgrades Package. Together, these packages will ensure that you’re milking your bike for everything it’s worth by getting all the available power out of the engine, and making sure your suspension doesn’t detract from it when it transfers the power to the ground.

Keep your ride about the journey, not the destination by upgrading your suspension. Transform your Triumph this weekend with one of our Handling Upgrades Packages.

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