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GoPro Photo & Video Settings Tips

GoPro Photo & Video Settings Tips - British Customs

If you want to win a GoPro in our GoPro Photo & Video Challenge, you’ll have to capture some pretty rad content to really wow us. But to do that, you’ll have to set your GoPro up right depending on what you’re shooting. So we’ve put together some tips on what settings to use for various environments to help you get the best photos and footage possible, no matter what or where you’re shooting.

Give us your best shot. Win a GoPro.

Photo Settings

Single shot – Use this setting when shooting a still environment with little to no change, like a landscape or a model.

Burst Modes 3/1 sec through 10/2 sec. – These are useful for shooting action requiring a quick refresh rate between bursts.

Burst Mode 30/1 sec –  The extremely fast frame rate allows you to capture the perfect moment during extremely high action moments.

Burst Mode 30/2 sec – Great for catching the best moment in a high action sequence that may take longer than 1 second, like when someone is riding through a turn.

Burst Mode 30/3 sec – Perfect for capturing long sequences to find the best shot.


Video Settings

Protune – Protune is usually recommended unless shooting in WVGA at 240fps.

Protune Settings  – Protune settings commonly used:

  • Auto White Balance
  • GoPro Color
  • ISO – Limit 400
  • Sharpness – Med
  • Exposure – 0

WVGA 240fps – Use this for super slow motion footage you want to post only on Instagram. At 240fps, footage can be slowed down to ~6% without losing fluidity. Great for making slow motion content that will be viewed on phones.

720p 120fps – Great for creating slow-motion footage at HD resolution, especially if the video is going to be uploaded to YouTube.

1080p 60fps – Ideal for getting HD quality footage that can still be used for slow-motion.

2.7K 30fps – Use 2.7K  when zooming in on a subject.

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