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How To Build A Desert Sled On A Budget

How To Build A Desert Sled On A Budget - British Customs

Desert sleds were favorites of guys like Steve McQueen and Bud Ekins. They thought there wasn’t much better than taking a bike out for a long ride through the desert. Because, let’s be real, there aren’t a whole lot of things better than that.

Desert sleds were built by stripping down street bikes and then modifying them to improve the handling and performance to take on whatever the terrain could throw at them. You can do it the same way they did it with a quick weekend project, and on a budget, too.

The first thing to do is to pull everything you don’t need for romping around in the sand off your bike. Then throw on a nice flat bench seat, some upright bars, high header exhaust, and some knobblies. These basics will give your bike the right look, feel, and sound of a desert sled.

If you want to take it a step further, check out our Desert Sled Style Guide on how to do a complete build.


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