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Furiosa Weekend Projects Series: Custom Work

Furiosa Weekend Projects Series: Custom Work - British Customs

Furiosa Weekend Projects Series: Custom Work
To make Furiosa a truly unique motorcycle, several of her components were custom fabricated by Andrew Blaschko of Cafe Racers of Instagram. These parts match form with function, and play a heavy role in giving the bike its take-no-prisoners look and feel.

Blaschko hand fabricated a nose guard, hand guards, skid plate, and luggage rack for the bike. The nose guard was designed to be able to receive PIAA performance lighting systems, and the luggage rack was built specifically for Blood Brothers Inc. ammo cans and carrying other tactical gear.

All the upgrades in this series can be installed over a weekend, and naturally go together as single projects. If you’re curious about how some of these parts are put on, check out our list of step-by-step installation guides. If you’re inspired to create your own custom Weekend Project, check out our Weekend Projects page to select your model and get started.

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