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Furiosa Weekend Projects Series: Controls

Furiosa Weekend Projects Series: Controls - British Customs

Furiosa was built to be able to handle the unexpected. So we gave her the controls and ergonomics setup she needed.

What handlebars, footpegs, and grips you use have a huge impact on your relationship with your bike. To give Furiosa the right control and feel for the road ahead, we equipped her with a Biltwell Moto Handlebar Weekend Project Package. This package includes 1″ Biltwell Moto Handlebars, BC Four Bolt Risers for improved comfort and looks, and Biltwell Thruster Grips.


For the foot controls, we installed a pair of Pivot Pegz Mark 3 Off-Road Footpegs. These footpegs are textured and pivot for improved feel.



All these upgrades can be installed over a weekend, and naturally go together as a single project. If you’re curious about how some of these parts are put on, check out our list of step-by-step installation guides. If you’re inspired to create your own custom Weekend Project, check out our Weekend Projects page to select your model and get started.


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