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Furiosa Weekend Projects Series: Appearance

Furiosa Weekend Projects Series: Appearance - British Customs

If you want to build a bike that can take whatever the post-apocalyptic wastes can throw at it, it’s got to look like it can. Furiosa’s unique appearance is the result of the way all the parts pull together in the end, but it all started with just a few well-placed upgrades.

The Furiosa build started with a Slammer Seat with an Integrated Taillight Weekend Project Package, which includes the seat, shock mount license plate, and a fender eliminator underplate kit. These parts naturally install together because when you start replacing the stock seat and rear fender, it makes sense to relocate the other parts while you’re in there.


Then the ignition switch was relocated with an Ignition Relocation Kit to clean up the controls.


To top it off, the Mock Monza Gas Cap and Quick Release Seat Screws from our Stainless Steel Collection were used to give it some heavy duty trim parts, alongside the World Speed Holder Record Master Cylinder Cover.

All of these parts can be installed over a weekend using only basic tools. If you’re curious about how some of these parts are put on, check out our list of step-by-step installation guides. If you’re inspired to create your own custom Weekend Project, check out our Weekend Projects page to select your model and get started.

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