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Screw Kit Carburetor


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Screw Kit Carburetor

Changing your jets or upgrading your needles can send instant panic into the mind of even the handiest shadetree mechanic -- it doesn't take much to strip the Philips head screw on your CVK Carburetors. The British Customs Carburetor Screw Kit includes everything you need to put those fears to bed, permanently, by converting your carbs from soft Phillips screws to stainless steel socket cap screws. The kit replaces the float bowl screws and carburetor top screws, making access to the carburetors trouble free.


  • Stainless hardware
  • Provides easy access to carbs
  • Perfect for users who are changing/upgrading jets frequently

What's in the box:

  • Seven (7x) Stainless Bolts for Float Bowl (top)
  • One (1x) Long Stainless Bolt for Float Bowl (top) on bracket side
  • Eight (8x) Carburetor top screws

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