Dart Series 3 Flyscreen for Triumph America & Speedmaster 2002-2011

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Enhance the character of your Triumph America or Speedmaster with the beautifully crafted Dart Series 3 Flyscreen, compatible with models made up to 2011. This flyscreen guarantees riders a voyage free from wind drag, boosting both comfort and riding pleasure. It also boasts an elegant design and superior aerodynamics.

A fusion of durability and aesthetic allure, the Dart Series 3 is constructed from high-quality materials, ensuring resilience against the ever-changing elements. Moreover, its refined contours not only provide superior protection but also complement the iconic charm of the Triumph America and Speedmaster. With this addition, every ride transcends the ordinary, becoming an embodiment of style and seamless performance.

Series 3 Flyscreen features:

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  • Customized Fit for Triumph to 2011: Specifically tailored for Triumph America and Speedmaster models up to 2011, ensuring a seamless and snug integration that enhances the bike's original aesthetics.

  • Optimized Aerodynamics: Skillfully designed contours promise to diminish wind resistance, delivering a notably smoother and more enjoyable ride, even over long distances.

  • Durable Design with Style: Constructed from top-grade materials, the Dart Series 3 offers enduring protection against the elements, while its sleek appearance elevates the bike's timeless appeal.

  • Elevated Ride Experience: Beyond its protective qualities, this flyscreen transforms every outing, marrying style with function, ensuring riders journey with confidence and flair.


  • Injection-molded screen in 4mm thick high-impact automotive-grade polycarbonate
  • Dimensions: 275mm (10.75") wide x 275mm (10.75") tall. Distance from top of the headlight cutout to top of the screen: 240mm (9.5")
  • Dartec II anti-scratch hard-coating for extended life
  • Mounting brackets in laser-cut aluminum, CNC-folded and powder-coated in black textured finish
  • Custom EPDM grommets to absorb vibration
  • Custom stainless steel screen mounting bolts with grommet ring and positive stop
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth

Two models: one for Triumph America (all models) and Triumph Speedmaster from 2004-2011. These bikes both have the large 8" headlight. The other is for the Speedmaster 2012-2017 with the smaller headlight. For water-cooled Speedmaster 1200 2018 onwards, see separate page.

NB Bike photos show the older Classic flyscreen: the Series 3 is slightly bigger but otherwise similar in appearance.

Package Includes:

  • 1 X Polycarbonate Screen
  • 4 X EPDM Rubber Grommets
  • 1 X Left Hand Mounting Bracket
  • 1 X Right Hand Mounting Bracket
  • 4 X Stainless Hex Head Machine Screws
  • 4 X Washers

Fitting Instructions:

  1. Fit the grommets to the screen - this is best achieved from the back of the screen blade.
  2. Using a 12mm socket or spanner, slightly loosen the bolt that secures the headlight to the bottom yoke (ie the bolt under the yoke, not the headlight height adjustment bolt).
  3. Now remove the two 12mm bolts that hold the wire cable retainer to the top yoke. These are fiddly and difficult to get to - patience is needed! To give a little more clearance, you can move the headlamp to the side. A small ratchet wrench helps, too.
  4. Fit the screen brackets to the yoke, then fit the wire cable retainer under these brackets, and refit the bolts. Note that the screen brackets must fit directly onto the yoke! Tighten the bolts (even more fiddly now the brackets are in the way), but not fully.
  5. With both brackets fixed, hold the screen blade in position and loosely fit the four hexagon head machine screws with their washers, ensuring that they engage in the captive nuts on the brackets. Do not tighten these yet. There will probably be a small amount of tension from the wire retainer, which should sit in the shallow recess in the brackets. If there is a lot of tension, double-check that the wire part is sitting correctly on its bolts - it can move when tightening.
  6. Sit on the bike and make sure the screen is central; this is achieved by eye, lining it up with the speedometer and the centreline of the bike. You should line up the headlamp too, so that everything looks right. When this is the case, tighten up the headlamp bolt and the screen brackets. Once everything is in position, gradually tighten all the screws evenly until they are seated on the brackets.
  7. Double-check that everything is sufficiently tight and if so, fitting is now complete!

MAINTENANCE: No special maintenance is required. Do not use solvents to clean - just warm soapy water. Many proprietary glass cleaners are suitable for polycarbonate - check the label before trying.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Whilst the screen provides a good level of impact protection, it is not warranted unbreakable. It is NOT a substitute for eye protection, which should be worn at all times while riding.

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