How to Remove Handlebar Clamps


1. If upgrading the handlebars (see How To Remove Handlebar)

2. Using a 14mm Socket loosen the left-hand bolts that secure the handlebar clamps to the triple tree. Do not remove it.  

Pro Tip - Keep the handlebars clamped to the handlebar clamps to ease the removal of the handlebar clamps.  

3. Use a 14mm Socket remove the right-hand bolt that secures the handlebar clamp to the triple tree

4. Using a 17mm socket remove the bolt and washer that was loosened in step 1.  Save the washer for installation

5. Remove the handlebar, handlebar clamps and washers.   

Note: If upgrading the handlebar, you will need to remove the switches and other controls. If only upgrading the handlebar clamps, leave the switches and controls mounted to the bar and set the bar on the tank (protect the tank) while changing out handlebar clamps.  

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