How to Install British Customs Handlebar Clamps

Available for purchase here: Handlebar Clamps

Thank you for choosing this British Customs Product. These British Customs products have been designed and tested to fit multiple Triumph Motorcycles based on the diameter of the installed handlebar. Clamps are available in three diameters to accommodate multiple applications. The following installation is performed on a 2019 Triumph Speed Twin using the 7/8 Inch Handlebar Clamps.

Included Components:

  • (2) Pre-assembled Clamps (upper, lower, 4 bolts)
  • (1) Handlebar Clamp Screw Kit (4 pieces)


1. Remove the factory Handle Bar Clamps (see How to Remove Handlebar Clamps)

2. Using a 5mm Allen remove the (4) bolts that secure the handlebar clamp top to the base.  

3. Included with the four-bolt handlebar clamps, there are two sets of screws.  The Speed Twin uses the longer bolt and M10 locking nut.   

4. Install the four-bolt handlebar clamps on the left side, using the longer screw.  Using a 17mm socket loosely tighten the supplied M10 Lock Nut and the factory washer that was removed in step 3 of the How to Remove Handlebar Clamps (See How to Remove Handlebar Clamp).  

5. Install the four bold handlebar clamp on the right side, using the longer screw.  Using a 17mm socket loosely tighten the factory wire guide with a built-in washer using the supplied M10 Locknut.

6. Install the desired 7/8 inch or 1 1/8 Inch handlebar and secure (4) bolts that secure the top Four Bolt Handlebar Clamps to the base using a 5mm Allen

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