How to install Bonneville Speed Twin Fender Eliminator

Publish Date: 12/05/2019

Part #: BC410-058-B

Thank you for choosing this British Customs Product.   This British Customs product has been designed and tested to fit the following Triumph Motorcycles: 

  • Triumph Speed Twin (2019+)

Completely read all these instructions before installing the British Customs product to become thoroughly familiar with the features and the installation process.    


1. Fender Eliminator Plate for Speed Twin  Qty 1
2. License Plate Frame (Black) Qty 1
3. BC License Plate Plaque Qty 1
4. M6-1.0x16 Button Head Screws Qty 4
5. M6 Washers Qty 4
6. M6 Lock Washers Qty 4
7. M5-.08x16 Low Profile Socket Cap Screw Qty 2
8. M5 Washer Qty 2
9. M5 Nylock Nut Qty 2
10. M4 Lock Washer 

Qty 2

11. M4 Washer

Qty 4


Always properly support the vehicle with a stand and/or lift when servicing or performing any work. Unstable vehicles my present dangerous conditions and may cause property damage and/or personal injury

It is recommended that this kit be installed by a certified Triumph technician, following the Triumph service manual to aid in proper fitting.  Verify all torque specs in the Triumph service manual.   


1. Remove the factory license plate (see How to Remove the Factory License Plate).

2. Using a T20 Torx install the Factory License Plate Light using the (2) factory bolts and supplied (4) washer and (2) lock washer.  Spacers go between the license plate holder and License Plate Light.


3. Using a 3mm Allen install the (2) supplied m5x16 bolts into the backside of the factory mounting bracket removed in Step ___ of How to remove guide (see How to Remove the Factory License Plate)


4. Mount the Fender Eliminator Plate to the factory mounting plate and secure with the supplied (2) M5 washers and (2) M5 nylock nuts. 


5. Route the License Plate Lite Connector to the backside of the metal plate. 


6. Connect the license plate light to the main harness


7. Using an 8mm and 10mm tighten the (1) bolt and (1) nut that secures the metal plate to the fender and taillight assembly. Make sure to install the sleeve that was removed in step 4 of the How to Remove the License Plate Guide (see How to Remove License Plate Guide)IMG_6330_2.jpg


8. Using an 8mm socket tighten the (2) bolts that secure the fender to the frame


9. Using an 8mm and 10mm secure the (2) bolts and (2) nuts that secure the fender to the frame


 10.  Turn on the ignition and verify the license plate light is properly working.   If there is an issue please verify the connection and check fuses.  If the problem persists call  877-999-BRIT or email for support.   


WARNING: Laws concerning this product vary from state/province to state/province.  Your state/province may prohibit its use on public roads or restrict its use to novelty,  who use, off-road areas, or race facility areas only.  In some states/provinces, off-road uses are also prohibited.  The manufacturer and retailer assume no responsibility for any use or application of this product in violation of any applicable law.   Before installing this product check your state/province.

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