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Ascot Park Where Legends Were Forged

Ascot Park Where Legends Were Forged - British Customs

It was said that “you can’t say you’re a motorcycle racer until you’ve ridden Ascot, and you can’t say you're a champion motorcycle rider until you’ve conquered it.” Ascot Park was home to one of the most challenging and competitive tracks in the nation, notorious for its tight turns, long straights, and spectacular crashes.

While Ascot only seated 7,500 people, its races were always well-attended, and many of them were regulars. Every Friday night there were "18 thrilling events," as J.C. Agajanian's advertisements used to run, and TT races were hosted the first Saturday of every month. Flat track, motocross, and TT were the staple motorcycle events, but sprint car races, NASCAR, and figure 8 races were also incredibly popular.

Ascot was also home to the 50 Lap TT race — known as the Ascot TT — which was part of the AMA's Grand National Championship Triple Crown, alongside the Castle Rock TT and the Peoria TT. In 1966, Eddie Mulder was the first person to win the Triple Crown, and for this epic feat was inducted into the AMA's Hall of Fame.

Numerous other legends competed for eternal glory on the infamously tacky dirt track of Ascot Park, such as Gary Nixon, Gene Romero, Sammy Tanner, Sonny Nutter, and Mert Lawwill.

Ascot Park opened in 1957 as the Los Angeles Speedway, and ran strong until its gates were closed in 1990. Ascot Motorsports, however is making its way back into the dirt racing scene, and has a team of sponsors including Wes Case of Threepence, and helps put on a number of dirt racing events.

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