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Pamela Weekend Projects Series: Driveline

Pamela Weekend Projects Series: Driveline - British Customs
 Pamela Weekend Projects Series: Driveline

All the performance upgrades used to unlock Pamela’s engine would be completely worthless without a driveline setup capable of delivering all that horsepower to the rear wheel.

A good driveline setup is a balance of performance and looks. A low profile Front Sprocket Cover was used to protect the front sprocket, but also show it off. The front sprocket itself was replaced with a 525 Countershaft Sprocket to raise the bike’s top speed and improve the looks. To bring the drilled-out styling together, a polished Retro Rear Sprocket was installed as an accent piece that also deepens the blacked-out color scheme.

All these upgrades can be installed over a weekend, and naturally go together as a single project. If you’re curious about how some of these parts are put on, check out our list of step-by-step installation guides in the How To section under DIY. If you’re inspired to create your own custom Weekend Project, check out our Weekend Projects page to select your model and get started.

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