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Cafe Inspired Triumph Bobber

At British Customs, our design philosophy revolves around respecting the rich heritage of Triumph motorcycles while infusing them with a modern twist. We believe that every rider's bike should be a reflection of their individuality and style. Our mission is to empower riders of all experience levels to personalize their motorcycle with our easy-to-install design. 

 The So Cal Bobber Cafe Weekend Project was inspired by a blend of the classic cafe racer style and the modern sophistication of the Triumph Bobber. Our objective was to elevate the motorcycle's performance and aesthetic appeal. Transforming a Triumph Bobber in a weekend into a cafe inspired bobber ready for the busy city streets or twisty canyon roads.  

Control Upgrades

Cafe Handlebar Kit for Triumph Bobber: The handlebar sets the tone for any build. In the So Cal Bobber Cafe, the handlebar was key in defining the bike's direction and style. We chose a handlebar that offers a forward-riding position, marrying the streamlined look of clip-ons with the comfort of our Retro Handlebar, striking a balance that offers both style and functionality.

Triumph Bobber Cafe Handlebar

Finned Master Cylinder Cover: Attention to detail is crucial in customization. Replacing the factory master cylinder cover, which featured a distracting warning sticker, with our Finned Master Cylinder Cover, was a small change that made a significant difference. This part not only cleaned up the bike's controls and but  and enhanced the bike's overall aesthetics.

Triumph Finned Master Cylinder Cover
Bates Foot Peg Kit for Triumph Bobber: The rider-machine connection is fundamental. Installing the Bates Foot Pegs increases the rider connection with with the larger  foot peg rubber.   The Classic Bates Pegs complement the classic lines of the Triumph Bobber.   Thanks to the modularity of our Foot Pegs and the inclusion of an offset adapter, we were able to replicate the offset of the stock foot pegs while offering additional adjustment options. Triumph Bobber Bates Foot Pegs

Lighting Upgrades

The Mo.Blaze Pin + Pan Tail Light Complete Lighting Kit: Lighting on a bike plays a crucial role in its overall appearance. We chose to refine both the front and tail sections of the Triumph Bobber by replacing the bulky stock signals and taillights with sleeker, cnc machined alternatives. This not only improved the bike's aesthetics but also resulted in a cleaner, more streamlined profile.

Triumph Bobber Motogadget Pin Turn Signals

Motogadget Mo.Blaze Turn Signals Triumph Bobber 

Performance Upgrades

2-2 Drag Pipes: Performance is at the heart of any customization project. We chose to install 2-2 Drag Pipes to boost the bike’s performance and sound. This choice was driven by a desire to simplify the exhaust system, reduce the bike's weight, and amplify its presence on the road with a louder exhaust note.

Turnout Performance Tips: For practical street use, we adjusted our approach. We reinstalled the factory headers and catalytic converter and replaced the mid pipes and stock silencers with the Turnout Performance Tips. This allowed us to preserve the drag pipe aesthetic while achieving a more moderate exhaust note.Triumph Bobber with Turn Out Tips

Seat Upgrades

Diamond Stitch Gel Seat: Comfort is key in any riding experience. We upgraded the stock seat with our Diamond Stitch Gel Seat, which not only enhanced rider comfort with high-density foam and a gel insert but also elevated the bike's style. The seat’s low-profile design and diamond stitch pattern in leather with gray stitching perfectly complemented the Bobber's chrome gas tank.

Triumph Bobber Diamond Stitch Gel Seat

The Final Word

The transformation of the Triumph Bobber into the So Cal Bobber Cafe serves as a perfect example of how bolt-on parts can metamorphose your Triumph Motorcycle. For less than $2,000.00, this bike has transformed into a cafe-inspired bobber, perfect for navigating city streets or curving canyon roads.

Are you ready to make your Triumph uniquely yours? Please contact us below or call to speak with one of our Triumph Specialists 877-999-BRIT.

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