Triumph Performance Exhaust

When you choose a British Customs exhaust, you’re choosing a product designed and handcrafted by a small but passionate team in Gardena, CA. We believe in uncompromising design integrity, and it can be felt in every step of our process.

Every exhaust is designed and made in house by our expert fabricators and welders, and we select and use only the highest performing grades of stainless steel for the best in construction and performance. 

Our exhausts reflect our passion for Triumph’s heritage, summoning the visual aesthetics of legendary Triumph traditions from the street to the track. We believe in the lasting quality of products made by hand, by people with passion, artistic vision, and skill. 

So which exhaust will be best for you? In this guide, we break down what you can get out of each exhaust replacement type to help you decide.

Slip On Exhaust

In many ways, slip on exhausts mark where British Customs began, our first models being introduced to the market 20 years ago. We’ve refined our designs for optimal performance over years of testing, knowledge gathering, and customer feedback. 

Slip ons are easy to install on any Triumph model, as they only require the removal of the stock slip on exhaust. Considering their easy application, this simple mod allows for significantly enhanced sound and performance while offering several unique and time honored aesthetics. 

Predator Carbon

The Predator Carbon is an ultralight stainless steel reverse cone with carbon fiber end cap designed to offer a premium and high performance option to Triumph riders.


Predator Pro

The original modern classic slip on, the 4" reverse cone design pays homage to the classic 1960s cafe racer style that has inspired so many Triumph riders in the customization journey.


Shorty Predator Pro

The short and stubby little brother of the Predator Pro; the Shorty Predator Pro reduces the length of the Predator body by 6" to offer a more sporty, modern look.



100% stainless steel handcrafted slip on exhaust featuring henckel cut steel pattern, exposed TIG welds for a werkes look and sound.


Sleeper Pro

Thouroughly authentic Bonneville exhaust with period correct style and "sleeper" performance hidden within.



A high-performing minimalist exhaust with optimal weight saving & a mean sound.



The brother to the Shotgun design, the ends are finished with a slash cut design.


Performance Tips

For riders with liquid cooled Triumphs made 2016 and later, performance tips are an exciting choice for those who want substantial effect on a sensible budget, the main gains being in weight savings, a clean stripped down look, and an enhanced sound.

These exhaust mods replace the stock slip on and mid-pipe with a stylish and minimal piece that offers unrestricted, baffle-free air flow. Weight savings can be significant, shedding up to 15lbs off your bike.

As these are hollow pipes, these exhausts are designed to work with the catalytic converter. We do not recommend pairing this exhaust with an x-pipe without a custom tune, as it can damage your engine and affect performance. This configuration is also very loud and may not be legal in your state. 


Classic, minimal & a throwback to the golden days.



Slash cut pipes for a hotrod & classic aesthetic.



Race-inspired, TT style.


Full systems

If you’re looking for a complete overhaul of your exhaust, our full exhaust systems will offer the most dramatic changes in looks, sound, and performance. Requiring the removal of the factory system from the headers to the tailpipe, our full systems redefine the bike.

We put together our team's cumulative 50 years of riding and motorcycle engineering experience to reimagine timeless designs, borrowing DNA of iconic race builds of eras past, while equipping them with powerful upgrades to boost performance for every day riding in the modern world. 

2-1 GP Low System

2-1 SHORTY LOW System

2-1 Full Systems

Our 2-1 full systems feature our most performance oriented designs that we have tested on the track for over a decade. As the name suggests, lightweight 2-1 systems bring the left and right headers together into one merge collected pipe, bringing increased power in the low to mid range powerband. With more lower end torque available, the power can be felt in everyday riding whether you are on the street, the highway, or the canyons.

To match the significant performance upgrades, we don’t cut corners in the fabrication process. Our systems are tig welded by hand by our expert craftsmen, and we use mandrel bent pipes, precision slip fit and spring joined sections, and a true merge collector. 

These systems were developed to increase the performance and create unique and rich exhaust tones true to the soul of the parallel twin.

2-1 GP LOW System

Over 10 years of design, tested vigorously on the track through the Thruxton Cup series. Handmade from scratch:mandrel bent for optimal flow, built with a true merge collector, finished with a GP pipe with tig-welded piecuts to really show the art of welding. Often imitated, never duplicated.


2-1 SHORTY LOW System

Over 10 years of design, tested vigorously on the track through the Thruxton Cup series. Handmade from scratch: mandrel bent for optimal flow, built with a true merge collector, finished with a Shorty Predator pipe. Often imitated, never duplicated.






2-2 Full Systems

Our 2-2 full systems bring back some of the most classic aesthetics from the Triumphs of the 60s and 70s, when 2-2 pipes were the most widely used. While 2-2 pipes typically increase top end performance at higher RPMs, we specially designed these pipes to boost low end performance for a more balanced power output.

2-2 Shotgun High System

The 2-2 Shotgun High Pipe System really gives a meaning to "modern classics" for us, mixing classic looks with modern technology. From mandrel bent headers, TIG welds, louver core baffles to carbon fiber heatshields, this system is a blast from the past.


2-2 Tracker Low System

Vintage flat track style pipes inspired by Gene Romero's factory TT racer build, this entire system is unique from the oval mandrel bends on the header to the two cones with exposed TIG welds, this system is essentially our work of art.


2-2 SLASH CUT TT System

TT-inspired pipes, built in collaboration with Sonny Nutter based off of pipes on his vintage race bikes with low profile right exit turn out pipes. Stainless steel, louvered baffle system.

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2-2 DRAG System

Dirt Track inspired straight pipes. Stainless steel, louvered baffle system, lightweight.

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