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Model Year & Parts Changes for Triumph Street Twin

Mechanical Upgrades

- 65 HP at 7,250 rpm provides the engine 18% more power.

- Redline at 7,500 rpm rather than 7,000 rpm for higher rev-range

- Peak Torque at 3,800 rpm, which is 600 rpm later than the previous version. 


- Seat foam was increased by ½ inch (10mm) providing a softer ride.

- Seat height was increased, making it 30 inches(760mm). 

- Textured seat material to reduce slipping. 

Suspension and Brakes

- Wider KYB cartridge front forks for a more comfortable ride.

- Brembo four-piston front-brake calipers ensure greater stopping power.


- Updated wheel design.

- Updated black clock housing.

- Redesigned side panel shape. 

- Redesigned side panel logo. 

- Brushed aluminum headlight brackets. 

Versatile Riding Modes Options

- Switchable road and rain riding mode options. 

Less Weight

- Magnesium cam-cover

- Lighter crankshaft

- Lighter balancer shaft 

- Lighter clutch


- Euro 5 compliant for cleaner emissions and better fuel efficiency.


- New Wheels.

- New Headlight Bracket.

- New Side Panels.

- New Throttle Body Covers.

New Name

- From model year 2023, the Street Twin is re-named the “Speed Twin 900”