The Equilibrialist

The Equilibrialist Maska Helmet Visor for Biltwell Gringo from British CustomsThe term “Equilibrium” refers to a state in which opposing forces are balanced. A state where different elements coexist harmoniously without overpowering each other. 

This is the ethos of The Equilibrialist. A brand founded with a mission to "Design innovative customizable gear without compromising its functionality." Founded by riders looking for a better visor option for "retro" Full-Face helmets. They sought to incorporate quality, functionality, and design into all of their products. 

Their line of "Maskas" achieve their founding vision. Wonderfully simple and tasteful, yet at the same, highly practical. If you own a "Retro" Full Face helmet (think Biltwell Gringo, Ruby Atelier, or Nexx) you may have felt a similar desire for better optics. Enter The Equilibrialist. We have tested these Maskas ourselves and were impressed with the look and function. 

We are happy to announce our partnership with The Equilibrialist to bring the Knox Maskas to the British Customs community. Available in five color options with either Tinted or Clear visors.


On orders over $399 (lower 48 states only)


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