Street Cup (2016-2019)

Triumph Street Cup (2016-2019)

The Street Cup is one of Triumph’s line up of 900cc cafe racer type models. While it shares some characteristics with other models of this style, it by far shares more in common with the Street Twin, sharing the same chassis and being able to share many of the same parts. You can think of it as a sportier Street Twin as opposed to a smaller Thruxton.

The British Customs design team has carefully curated parts and accessories for the Street Cup by testing various configurations to find out what parts work and won’t work for the Street Cup. Shop all the 2017-2019 Triumph Street Cup accessories and parts that we’ve confirmed will fit all in one place starting right here. 

Triumph Street Cup (2016-2019)

Is the Triumph Street Cup more similar to the Street Twin or the Thruxton R?
What we’ve found through our builds and fitment testing is that for the most part the 2017 - 2019 Street Cup has more in common with the Street Twin and can largely share the same parts and accessories, except for the footpegs and headlight ears (the headlight ears are more like the Thruxton R).

While it’s built with the same chassis as the Street Twin, it’s been tweaked with a steeper rake for sharper handling. What also makes the Street Cup unique is its own cafe racer-style humped seat with matching seat cowl, fly screen, bar-end mirrors, and dual gauges. All these features combined position the rider about an inch and half higher and more forward for a more aggressive riding position.

For its handlebars, the 2017-2019 Triumph Street Cup models are not fitted with clip-ons like the Thruxton R but instead use clubman or ace handlebars. Oddly, while the handlebar clamps/center of the bar measures 1 inch in diameter, the ends of the handlebars taper to ⅞ inch, which allow them to share the same controls as the Street Scrambler.


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