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The Renaissance Man Chippa Wilson

The Renaissance Man Chippa Wilson - BC Blog

Chippa Wilson is a Renaissance man: he's a world-renowned professional surfer and X Games silver medalist, new heritage lifestyle icon, weekend project enthusiast, and rancher. He hails from Cabarita Beach, Australia, where he has a ranch and hones his surfing skills while building retro motorcycles with his own hands. We recently spearheaded a campaign to raise awareness and donations for charity, and are working to spur innovation and creativity through BC Weekend Projects. Together, we built the Beach Sled from a Triumph Bonneville T100, inspired by the desert sleds ridden by legends like Steve McQueen, Bud Ekins, and Eddie Mulder using only quality bolt-on parts.


British Customs: Tell me about where you grew up.

Chippa Wilson: I grew up on the East Coast of Australia, and moved from Sydney to Cabarita Beach when I was young. That’s where I started surfing. Cabarita Beach is a tiny surf community, but it’s changed as it's gotten busier; but I guess everything is getting busier. I don’t really like that: I wish things would stay smaller and simpler.

BC: What did you tell people you wanted to be when you grew up?

CW: I always just dreamed of living out in the country, of living free.

BC: What’s a day in the life for Chippa Wilson like?

CW: It depends on where I am. If I’m home, and the waves are good, I’ll make coffee and go surf. Then when I get back I’ll let the chickens out, get any eggs they laid, and go surf some more. But if I’m on a surf trip, all I do is surf.

BC: What got you into riding motorcycles?

CW: I remember watching flat track races on TV with my dad when I was a kid and thinking it was the coolest thing. After seeing those, I knew I had to get into it myself.

BC: You’re pretty close with your dad. What kinds of things do you guys do together?

CW: We surf together a lot. He got me into it. He still surfs with two reconstructed knees at 60. Which is awesome. Growing up, I used to watch him make houses. He used to do everything with his hands, and that inspired me.

BC: What keeps you on the bike?

CW: Exploring new grounds and new places. That sense of freedom you get. Cruising is the best. I love going from dirt to tarmac and then hopping from cafe to cafe around Cabarita.

BC: Is the feeling you get while riding at all like the feeling you get while surfing?

CW: Totally. You feel disconnected from all the noise in your life. You can just reset and enjoy yourself.

BC: What about retro things do you like so much?

CW: Vintage things have style, and they’re classy. They’re not overdone. They’re simple; like less is more. They’re just easy on the eyes.


Photos by Brin Morris @thedeuk



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