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Rider Profile Patrick Spiker

Rider Profile Patrick Spiker - British Customs





Provo, Utah




2010 Triumph Bonneville SE

British Customs: When did you start riding?

Patrick Spiker: I started riding about 3 years ago.

What was your first bike?

I am still riding first bike, my Bonnie. I picked it up because I had heard it was a good starter bike and I liked the opportunities for customization.

What is your background/interest in motorcycle customization? Family hobby, self­taught, trained pro, etc?

I am mostly self taught from guides on the internet or YouTube videos. I am still trying to learn and unfortunately when I first got my bike I didn't know many people in the bike community. So I started researching and learned all I could from the Internet and anyone I came across.

 What is your inspiration when wrenching on or designing your bike?

I had always loved Steve McQueen movies and loved the videos of him cruising though the desert on his triumphs. David Beckham's bikes are always an inspiration as well. I was surprised to see that Beckham can actually ride and his trip through the Amazon inspires a lot of what I do to my bike. I lived in South America for a few years and always loved seeing the ingenuity and style of the builders who managed to keep old bikes moving with whatever was available to them.

What things outside of motorcycling inspire you?

I rock climb as often as I can. Climbing gives me an excuse to get into the desert and canyons as often as possible. I am still trying to figure out how to strap my climbing gear to my bike so I can make it my primary vehicle for my weekend trips to the desert.

What are your goals in the coming year?

I'll hopefully be heading to medical school next fall and until then I plan on riding, fishing, camping, and climbing as much as possible. I want to create a bike that I can take anywhere with me.

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