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We got a chance to catch up with Corrine Lan Franco, Women’s Design Director of Stance Socks, and motorcycle enthusiast after Babes Ride Out’s 2nd annual event Babes in Joshua Tree. Corinne’s got quite a few bikes in the stable but her main love is her 2014 Triumph Bonneville T100. Like most of us, stock isn’t acceptable for very long so she dove into modifications right away and we are stoked she chose British Customs parts to create her dream bike.

Corrine’s current set up on her Triumph includes:

Corinne rode her Triumph out the ladies only event “Babes in Joshua Tree” put on by Babes Ride Out. She started in South OC and rode up to LA to meet with some friends to all ride out through Angeles Crest on into Joshua Tree. “This was just the group I had the amazing opportunity to ride out with, but there were women from all over as far as the eye can see that rode out solo or in groups to attend the event” says Corinne.  She got to push the Bonne’s limits and her own through the beautiful LA forest, flat lands of the desert, and the twisties up to Idyllwild and back. “Not only did I get to bond with my new bike but I got to experience this with women and close friends who share the same love of motorcycles”. This year’s event lasted 2 days and had live bands, a huge raffle, $20 tattoos, and tons of food & drinks. Biltwell, Ole Smoky Moonshine, PBR, Stance Socks, and Iron and Resin helped sponsor the event this year and every girl walked away with something but most importantly, we all made new female friends who like to ride motos and camp.

Corinne was one of the 50 who attended the first Babes Ride Out event “Babes in Borrego”. At the time, she didn’t know any other women who rode, but that changed rather quickly. This year’s event was at a new location, brought in over 500 women included a massive group ride covering 180 miles of amazing turns but despite the event changes the comradery was the same. “I felt the only difference for me was that I had new moto friends from the previous year to experience it with. What Babes Ride Out means to me is not the quantity of riders but the quality. I had the exact same loving-fuzzy-warm feelings I did meeting all the new rad women this trip as I had during the first BRO ride out. I am already looking forward to meeting new friends next year, and the next, and the next and beyond” says Corinne.

Living in California means we can ride year round and have access to some beautiful parks and mountain ranges. “The 243 up into Idyllwild and back down the 74 that is now my favorite route. The turns are perfect and fast, mellow road, not much traffic, desert to the mountains. Perfect ride for my Triumph” – Corinne Lan Franco

Babes Ride Out is currently being planned for Fall 2015. Keep in the loop at Babes Ride Out and their Instagram @babesrideout.

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