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The Predator Exhaust was originally designed in 2004, the reverse megaphone design pays tribute to the original exhaust found on many of the early custom triumphs. The goal of the Predator was to replicate the sound and style of the vintage reverse megaphones while increasing the performance of your Triumph Motorcycle.

In 2017 the Predator Exhaust was redesigned and released as the Predator Pro. 12 years of design, testing, and customer feedback was used to develop the Predator Pro. The look and the sound has not changed, but the internals have been completely redesigned for additional durability and weight savings.

The Louvre core is part of the unibody stainless steel construction. The louver is now sealed within the exhaust allowing exhaust to flow free/undisturbed. The end of the Predator Pro is sealed and finished allowing the fitment of the optional Quiet Core which reduces the volume by 2-4dB. In addition to the redesign of the louver core, the mounting brackets have been redesigned to be rubber mounted to isolate engine vibration transfer to the rider and reduce bracket fatigue. In general the redesigned pipe retained all that made the original popular while updating the design to benefit from 12 years of real world use.

Available Styles Explained

The Predator Pro Exhaust line is available for most Modern Classic Triumphs and comes in two body style options; Full Size or Shorty. Fabricated out of 100% 304 Stainless Steel the Predator Pro Exhaust line features a combination of minimal air restriction to increase the horsepower the motor can produce and a reverse cone body style renowned for producing the "proper" sound you'd expect of a vintage style motorcycle. This design is both practical and a good upgrade over the stock Triumph exhaust. Please note: We try to match the finish of the pipes to the factory headers. If you have a "BLACK" model, we offer the exhaust in Black to match.

Predator Pro Slip On Exhaust

The "Full Size" Predator Pro measures 18" x 4" and weighs 8.7lbs. Road tested and ready for whatever you can throw at it. Fabricated out of 100% 304 Stainless Steel from the body to the Louvered Baffle inside. TIG Welded for superior strength and finish.

Shorty Predator Pro Slip On Exhaust

The "Shorty" Predator Pro measures 12" x 4" and is the most agressive Predator Pro model. Stubby by design for Sport bike look while maintaining the level of quaility and tonal characteristics of the other Predator Pro models.

Metal Finish Options 

British Customs attempts to match the factory header finish on each model. As part of the effort, we try to offer Black-coated pipes for all of the factory "BLACK" models that Triumph offers. To see these options, select one of the "BLACK" models from the dropdown above.  

Known "Black" models:

Triumph offers the Bonneville T100, Bonneville T120, and Bonneville Bobber in "BLACK" versions with black engine cases and black exhaust headers. In all years we have tested, the Black version of the bike utilizes the same headers and therefore, mufflers, as the standard version, albeit in different finishes but always polished, brushed, or black.

Example: The Predator for Bonneville T120 (polished) WILL ALSO FIT the Bonneville T120 Black, however they WILL NOT match the headers. In the reverse, the Predator Pro for Bonneville T120 Black (black coated) WILL ALSO FIT the Bonneville T120. This applies to Bonnevlle T100/Black, Bonneville T120/Black, Bonneville Bobber/Black. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We also offer an add-on coating service by special order for pipes not currently offered in black (2-6 week turnaround).

Included Components

The Predator Pro Slip On Exhaust is manufactured from 304 Stainless Steel and includes all stainless steel exhaust clamps and mounting hardware.

Included Components:

  • Predator Pro Exhausts (pair)
  • Stainless Steel mounting hardware
  • Exhaust Gaskets (Bonneville T100/T120 models only)

Installation Process

The Predator Pro Slip On Exhaust is a bolt on muffler that installs with common tools. If you are uncertain, please contact your local Triumph dealer.

Estimated Install Time: 1 hour

Please note: The steps are very similar for all models. Some minor variations exist by model.

Download Bonneville T100/T120 Predator Pro Install Guide PDF

Download Bonneville T100/T120 Shorty Predator Pro Install Guide PDF

Download Bonneville Bobber 3.5 Predator Pro Install Guide PDF

Watch Bonneville T120 3.5 Predator Pro Install Video below >


Sound Demonstration

Predator Pro on Thruxton 900


Predator Pro on Street Twin


Predator Pro on Bonneville T120


Predator Pro on Thruxton R


Not Available for Sale in State of California

Each state has its own emissions and inspection requirements.  In California, this is managed by the Air Resources Board (CARB for short).  CARB has determined that certain aftermarket motorcycle parts are not legal for sale or highway use in the state of California. Items subject to this determination include certain exhausts, fuel controllers, and other parts that might affect a vehicle's emissions.

British Customs has determined to the best of its ability which items are CARB approved and which items are not - items that are not CARB approved are not able to be shipped to addresses in California or used for on-road use in California. 

Items that are not CARB approved may still be utilized in the state of California, provided that they are not used on a public road (i.e. only used on a closed course or offroad).  At this time, British Customs cannot verify if a product is used for closed circuit or off-road use and cannot ship to addresses in California.  

For more information, please refer to the CARB's information page.