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Triumph Twin Custom ECU Programming


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Triumph Twin Custom ECU Programming

British Customs has partnered with DNK TuneWorks to provide custom ECU programming for your Triumph Modern Classic. DNK TuneWorks has developed custom calibration files based on your motorcycle and the performance modifications that you have installed. 

Please be prepared to answer the questionnaire that you will be emailed at the time of purchase. On the questionnaire, we will ask details about your motorcycle so that we can provide the correct tune for your bike. 


What you will need

1. Android Device - Available via eBay or other marketplaces. Cellular Data plan not required. Purchase and keep just for this purpose.

2. Download TuneECU FULL VERSION onto Android Device

3. BLUETOOTH OBD Link LX- This will be plugged into the ECU of your motorcycle. It will enable you to connect an Android device via Bluetooth.

How does this work?

Based on the information that you provide, a calibration file will be sent to you via Email. You will be responsible for loading the file onto your motorcycles ECU. The DNK TuneWorks calibration file is loaded onto the motorcycle ECU via the TuneECU freeware software. 

Step 1 - Make sure you have everything listed above including; (1) Android device with (2) TuneECU app downloaded and (3) a Bluetooth scanner to connect the motorcycle to the Android via bluetooth

Step 2 - Download the Calibration file to your Android device, open TuneECU, swipe left, and open the file. 

Step 3 - Paired your Android with the Bluetooth scanner, then go to Map and Reprogram.