Special Edition Leather Cafe Racer Seat for Air Cooled - Blemished 5

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Retaining the original seat height, this seat is designed to enable a more natural riding position by evenly distributing your weight and adding some much appreciated lumbar support. Mounted as it should be, minus the stock rear fender, the BC Cafe Seat instantly adds an aggressive stance in a single, beautiful bolt-on package -- Its artfully trimmed sides expose just a hint of your bike’s frame while the tuck-and-roll design of its cover combines with the classic café hump to epitomize the cafe racer look.
This seat has a cutout section on the rear to use one of our LED Lucas Tail Lamp. This taillight integrates perfectly and is connected via the included plug-and-play harness, to make for easy install for both the tail light and our turn signal kits or removal.
  • Retains original seat height
  • Narrower than stock at front
  • Foam features patented gel technology
  • Weight distributed evenly across the entire seat
  • Low profile seat pan exposes the bikes frame
  • Seat pan is made from hand-laid, marine grade fiberglass
  • Brown leather cover styled in a tuck and roll design
  • Classic café hump is 12" wide, 6 1/2" tall, and tapers down to 3 inches at back

Blemish Note: This specific seat has an "S" marking on the tail/cowl area and some blemishes which has recently been conditioned with Mink Oil. We recommend another layer of Mink Oil done by hand and wiped off within 24 hours.

Tail Light Note: This seat does NOT include a Taillight but does retain the cutout for our Lucas Tail Lights to be placed. Not compatible with Thruxton seat cowl.
LEATHER CARE DISCLAIMER: All British Customs Limited Edition Leather Seats are made out of a high quality, drum-dyed genuine leather hides. Leather is a natural material, and therefore you can expect small variations in color, texture, and markings.The seats will require regular maintenance to maintain the leather. British Customs recommends using Mink Oil to protect and condition the leather. Mink Oil will enhance the waterproof properties of a leather item but it will not make it immune to water damage, so take special care not to leave your leather seat out in the rain or remain wet for any period of time. Leather is also susceptible to sun damage, so be sure to cover your bike if you park it outdoors, otherwise the color could fade and cause premature aging to the seat. If properly cared for, these seats will age gracefully, taking on a deep, rich patina over time. They don’t get old, they get better. Rain, road grime, oil, grease, dust and sweat are inevitable guests on your journey, you might as well embrace them.
For a fender-retained look with a fender mounted license plate as shown in the photo below, use the Fender Mounted License Plate Bracket 
For a fender-eliminated look with the license plate mounted onto the end of the frame as shown below, use the UnderplateFrame Mounted License Plate Bracket
For a fender-eliminated look with the license plate mounted onto the lower shock as shown below, use the Underplate + Shock Mounted License Plate Bracket FITMENT NOTE: does not work with some exhausts