Rider/Passenger Peg Adapter Bonneville Scrambler


If you aren’t the exact size of the supposed average-sized human being, then the ergonomics of your motorcycle probably don’t fit you all that well. However, with the British Customs Footpeg Adapter, you can adjust the positioning of your footpeg to better fit your needs. All you need to install it is a flat blade screwdriver and about 15 minutes. If you want to replace the stock footpegs with something more suited to your riding style, the Footpeg Adapters are designed to be able to mount aftermarket footpegs. Whether you’re looking to get sideways on the local dirt track, carve the canyons, or just want something that feels better underneath your boots, the BC Footpeg Adapter can be used to install it.


  • Works for both Rider and Passenger Footpegs
  • Allows the rider to reposition and adjust the footpeg placement to better suit their needs
  • Allows aftermarket footpegs to be installed for improved control on dirt, in the canyons, or comfort
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Quick and easy to install; only requires a flat blade screwdriver
  • Made in USA

What's in the box:

  • British Customs Foot Peg Adapters
  • Two Stainless Steel Bolts